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Welcome to the teamwork site at Jacobs University.

This site is dedicated to collaborative working and mutual information exchange within Jacobs University and with the public.It faciliates administration, research, teaching and personal use. For general information about Jacobs University see Jacobs University homepage

Space: ** Corporate Design, Web, and Info Guide
Space: 520322 Immunology
Space: Academic and Professional Skills
Space: Administration Appreciation Day
Space: Alumni Association
Amnesty International is a non profit organization, with people from around the world campaigning for internationally re…
Space: Analysis I Fall 2012
Space: Astroparticle Physics graduate seminar
Space: Astro software on CLAMV
Space: BBQ Booking
Space: BCCB Critical Reading Seminar
Space: Berserks
Home of the Jacobs University Rugby Team "Berserks"
Space: Biacore workshop
Space: B-Link!
BLINK (Be a Link) is an action group open to anyone that whishes to make the Jacobs Life less monotonous, more active an…
Space: Brand Management, Marketing & Communications
Space: Campus Card
Space: Catholics
The space of the Catholic community on campus.
Space: CC Library
The Counseling Center Library hosted in the CC Room in the Reimer Lust Building
Space: Christian Fellowship
Space: Committee of Finance 2009/2010
Space: Courses (2012,Fall): General Electrical Engineering I - 300101
This is the course space for General Electrical Engineering I
Space: Courses (2012,Spring): General Electrical Engineering II - 300102
This is the course space for General Electrical Engineering II
Space: Courses (Fall 2011): General Electrical Engineering I - 300101
Space: Course Workspaces Guide
Space: Development Economics
Space: East Wing PhD Area
Space: Elections 2011/12; SC, FC & AIC
Space: Engineering Society
Space: Environmental Club
Space: Facilities Committee
The Facilities Committee of the USG administers H3, the BBQ & Blue Lounge, works on issues related to food and tries to …
Space: Financial Affairs Committee 2009-2010
Space: Food Committee
Space: Gardening Club
Space: Graduation Ball 2013
Space: GSA
Space of the Graduate Students' Association
Space: Housing and Conference Services
Space: Influenca A (H1N1) New Flu
Space: International Logistics Forum
Space: IRC-IT
Information from IRCIT to the Jacobs community.
Space: Jacobs' Clubs and Societies!
Wanna join a Club? All Club and Societies registered for Fall 07' are described here!
Space: Jacobs Ambassador Program
Space: Jacobs Football Team
This is the space for the Jacobs University Football Team. All important announcements and match details will be posted …
Space: Jacobs Goes Green
Space: Jacobs Open 2009
Space: Jacobs Society for Astrophysics
Space: Jacobs SPSS Support
Space: Jacobs University Choir
"J Cappella" the Choir for all members of Jacobs University
Space: Jacobs University Employees Football Team
Space: Jacobs Volleyball Club
Jacobs Knights Volleyball Information
Space: Knowledge Database
This space is designed to accumulate the knowledge about daily life issues, such as "how to find a room in Bremen", "mob…
Space: Laser Safety
Space: Life Sciences Careers
Space: makaiser rss feed test
Space: Math Support Center
Space: Mercator Conference Room
Space: Mercator TV Room Booking
Space: MoLife
Space: Mzuka - African Choir
Space: New Media Workshops
Space: Occupational Safety and Health
Space: Off-campus Housing
Space: planetserver-wiki
Space: Policies, Guidelines and Forms
Space: Pregnancy Help-Space
Space: Recreation Center
Space: Re-LOAD: Motor skill Learning in Older ADults
Space: Sebastian Springer's Lecture Videos
Space: SELabGroup3
Space: Sporthall II
Space: SPOTLIGHT 2012
The Annual Jacobs Talent Show
Space: Statistical Concepts and Data Analysis
Space: TheOtherSide
Space: Undergraduate Student Government 2009 - 2010
Space: Undergraduate Student Government 2010 - 11
Space: University Club
Space: Video Conferencing for Education (VC4E)
Space: Webservices (COMM)
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