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Welcome to the teamwork site at Jacobs University.

This site is dedicated to collaborative working and mutual information exchange within Jacobs University and with the public.It faciliates administration, research, teaching and personal use. For general information about Jacobs University see Jacobs University homepage

Space: Aeronautics Club JUB
All official announcement will be given in this Teamwork page
Space: Big Data Challenge
Space: Brand Management & Marketing
Space: Business Solutions
Space: CampusNet Support
Space: CS Jacobs
Space: Current Topics and Applications in Data Science
Team space for organising the course Current Topics and Applications in Data Science
Space: Current Topics in Data Engineering
Schedule of Lectures and Lecture Materials
Space: Earth and Planetary Surfaces in Remote Sensing Data
Space: Geology
Space: Geoscience Excursion Heincke
Space: GIS-Lab
Space: GSA
Space of the Graduate Students' Association
Space: IT
Information from IT to the Jacobs community.
Space: Jacobs Student Newspaper
Space: Life Sciences Careers
Space: Math Society
Space: Physics Society
Space: Rotaract Club JUB
Everything about Rotaract Club JUB's activities.
Space: Sebastian Springer's Public Space
Space: Sedimentology
Space: Structure and Geological Evolution on the Earth
Space: Surface and Subsurface Systems
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