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The course focuses on the biochemistry and cell biology of antigen presentation, that is, the defence mechanism of the mammalian immune system against infection with viruses and intracellular bacteria, which also plays a role in cancer and transplantation. Antigen presentation will be explored from the point of view of the proteins involved: their structure, function, and intracellular fate. 

Organization of the course

Basic information and books

  • Background information on Immunology and a general introduction to the field can be found in the course Immunology. Go to the Syllabus, click on the subject that interests you, and use the materials on the page (lecture videos, slide files, literature links).
  • Books
    • Immunology in general: 
      • "Immune system" on Wikipedia
      • Janeway's Immunobiology (9th edition is current; 6th edition: 
      • Sompayrac: 'How the Immune System Works"
    • MHC class I antigen presentation: 

Help with studying and with the exams


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