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Advertised in 2007

Corporate Communications


Student Marketing/Admission

  • The Start of an Exciting Journey | pdf
    advertised in "Startschuss Abi"

School of Engineering and Science

School of Humanities and Social Sciences

  • International Communication | pdf
    advertised in International Communication Association Conference Program

Jacobs Center for Lifelong Learning and Institutional Development

Advertised in 2006

Student Marketing/Admission

  • Discover your Potential | pdf
    advertised in "High Potential"
  • The Start of an Exciting Journey | pdf
    advertised in Die Zeit Studienführer 2006/07
  • Prepared for the Global Market | pdf
    advertised in WellenWelten, Supplement of Weser-Kurier on the occasion of the "Highlights der Physik"

Resource Development

  • Zukunft fördern
    series of advertisments in various lokal newspapers
    • Conrad Naber | pdf
    • Elisabeth Tecklenborg | pdf
    • Friedrich Dickell
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