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Please keep us informed!

We will do our best to keep ourselves up to date with what you are doing. However please also inform us about scientific news from your side. Please let us know if journalists are approaching you directly for articles or interviews! Thank you!

If you have any questions or if you would like to inform us about a press release/interview/etc. or would like to obtain further information, please contact presse@jacobs-university


Press releases

If you wish to receive Jacobs University’s press releases, please indicate whether you would like to receive them in German or in English (or select both) by subscribing via the following link:

Background information: All our press releases are available in German and in English, except event announcements that are solely addressing a German-speaking target audience. Of course, they can be found on our website, too:

English (in combination with web news)




If you additionally wish to receive one of our newsletters, please use this newly launched landing page.

Of course, you can leave the question “How did you first hear about Jacobs University?” unanswered, since this is just meant for statistics regarding external contacts ;-)


Jacobs University Portraits/Features in the Worldwide Web

We are updating features and portraits about Jacobs University in the world wide web systematically and continuously. If you still find texts about Jacobs University somewhere in the www, which are not up to date, please let us know and send us the link to that website.


General copyright rules and conditions for photographers and film teams on Campus - Allgemeine Arbeits- und Geschäftsbedingungen für Fotografen / Filmteams auf dem Campus der Jacobs University Bremen gGmbH

In case you work with filmeteams or photographers on campus please make sure to let them sign the attached form. These rules were approved by the university leadership and were checked by our legal counselors. The signed form is important for protecting Jacobs Universities brand identity and private property.

You can find the document here:


IDW (Informationsdienst Wissenschaft)

IDW is a well-respected research tool for journalists, that provides assistance in making scientific news public and mediates the contact between scientists and journalists. Our department regularly forwards the IDW-posted journalists' queries to Jacobs University scientists. We'd like to encourage you to continue answering the questions as the effort is yielding positive results.


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