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Please make sure to use these figures as well as all other types of information contained in this factsheet as obligatory basis for all communication about Jacobs University. This is important as we want to make sure that all of us “communicate with one voice”, especially with regards to using the same numbers.

Please also note that in general the printouts of the PDFs are to be used as internal papers.

The factsheet content will be updated regularly, usually twice a year. (October and May)

Jacobs University Factsheet ENGLISH
(As of June 2021)

Jacobs University Factsheet GERMAN
(Stand Juni 2021)

For external communication (campus visitors, mailings, events, conferences etc.) it´s important, that the whole Jacobs community speaks with “one voice” and uses consistent facts and figures in its communication. For this purpose a new concise English-language guide is available, containing up-to-date figures, surprising facts and information about Jacobs University. You can use it for your external communication and hand it out to business colleagues and cooperation partners.

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