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IoT Summer Camp

Dear all, 

The Fraunhofer IIS „IoT Summer Camp” might be of interest for some of your Master students. Please find additional information below, on the attached poster, or here:




From: Trejo, Fernando <>
Sent: Tuesday, March 5, 2019 2:25 PM
To: Bode, Mathias
Subject: RE:Data Engineering DiveIn

Dear Dr. Bode,


It’s me once again with some opportunities from Deloitte :)


There’s going to be an event for AI and Analytics taking place in Berlin next week, and there are some tickets for students available for the summit, taking place on Friday the 15th. Students can also apply here to get a free one. I might also be able to get them one for free if they contact me between today and tomorrow.


I thought that this may be interesting for both Data Engineering and CS students, and the event will be held in English, which should help some of the interested students.


Please let me know if you and the students find these opportunities at Deloitte emails useful (just to know if I should continue informing you!)


Best regards,