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SMS Data Clallenge 3.0

                   Prof. Dr.-Ing. Katja Windt  Bremen                                                                      24 July2019



ToJacobs University, Bremen




In the scope of the 2019 Data Engineering MSc Graduate Program the following lecture will take place:

SMS Data Challenge 3.0

Data Science meets Steel Industry – an exciting match of heavy metal and high tech

dateFriday, 13 September 2019

time: 09:45 – 11:00 hrs

venueJacobs University, Bremen

Research I, Lecture Hall


The lecture will comprise an introduction to the basic principles of the subject of Data Engineering in general and in particular in steel industry by Prof. Katja Windt.Background information to the connected Data Challenge will be given by Dr. Dirk Lieftucht from SMS digital GmbH, Düsseldorf.

Content of SMS Data Challenge 3.0:

SMS digital presents its third open data challenge.

The task for the participants is to develop an algorithm that is able to detect and measure the occurrence of production defects in the process of casting steel.

Amounts up to 20.000,- EUR in total will be given to the top two participants.

From September onwards, the Data Challenge will bepitched at the Jacobs University in Bremen, and universities in Duisburg and Chelyabinsk, Russia. Mid October, the data set will be available. There will be one Skype call each week to give guidance on the data. Submission deadline of the first round will be mid of November. Our jury selects the Top 10 and those will go into a final at beginning of December. Mid of Decemberthe winners are invited to our headquarters in Düsseldorf.


The colloquium is aimed at all students in the 1st and 3rdsemester of the 2019 Data Engineering MSc Graduate Program.