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Updated List of Student Current Topics

Poster Template: 

Fr. 16. 11.       9:45   Stefan Kettemann 

                                  Tutorial on Term Paper and Poster Presentation 

                                Updated Slides: 

Fr   9.11.           9:45     Giuseppe Abreu, 

                                      Wireless Localization

                         10:25    Dimitar Mišev/Peter Baumann, 

                                      Array Databases


                                      Comprehensive and very recent report on Array Databases:

Fr 2.11.                         Ruihao Qiu Data Scientist at HRForecast - a peopleForecast company, 

                                      with JU graduates: Applied Data Engineering in Business Intelligence

Tu 30.10.          8:15      Adalbert Wilhelm, 

                                      Classification of imbalanced data

Fr  26.10.          9:45     Herbert Jaeger, 

                                      What is (the future of) computing?  Introduction to 

                                      unconventional computing

Tue 23.10 8:15 - Rossi, Angelo PioUnnithan, VikramVogt, Joachim

Earth and Planetary Data Science

Fr  19.10.          9:45     Stefan Kettemann, 

                                      Data Engineering for the Energy Transition

Fr  28. 9.           9:45     Marc-Thorsten Hütt, 

                                      Bio-Information and Systems Biology


Fr  21. 9.           9:45     Blackout Technologies, Marc Fiedler with  JU Graduates,   

                                      Data engineering for social robots and digital assistants

 Advanced Project done by 2019 DE-Students Salma Bouzid and Nilhabra Roy Chowdhury supervised by Marc Fiedler of Blackout Tech and Prof. Arvid Kappas

Blackout Technologies are developing robot software, or ‘personalities’, using artificial intelligence.

Fr    7. 9.            9:45    Agostino Merico, 

                                     Analysis of Complex Ecological and Social Systems

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