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  • 7. The Members
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  1. All Members shall have the right to attend meetings of the Board and of the GA.
  2. All Members have the right to vote at the GA and run for office.
  3. Any two Members shall have the right to introduce motions to the OA through the Secretary. These shall then be incorporated in the agenda.
  4. All Members have the right to submit petitions, complaints, suggestions etc. to the SG of their school and their Council member. All petitions submitted by at least two Members must be discussed by the Board at their next meeting. The minutes shall reflect this.
  5. The Members have the right to express their opinions and concerns on all matters pertaining to the GSA to the Board.
  6. Membership in the GSA cannot be transferred, refused or withdrawn.
  7. Members may refuse to pay contributions established by the GA or the Board and not overturned by the GA. Such Members may become ineligible to attend the thus financed events.
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  1. 7.7 point has to be abolished since it doesn't correspond to the current financial situation and only creates a confusion with the government fee.

    1. Has there been any such additional contribution (besides the government fee) in the past?

  2. Yes in the very beginning we were thinking that if a graduate community would like to make a joint event and asks everyone to contribute financially, then a student of course has right to say no, but looses a chance to participate. As far as I remember first money that we recieved was a kind of "donation" from Campus Activities office, but i have to check this information. There was no goverment fee as such at that time... and we didn't have to pay for student id/semester ticket as well (smile)...