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  • 8. Amendments and By-Laws
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  1. Important and general circumstances that the Charta fails to recognize shall be regulated in amendments. Amendments can only be passed by a GA.
  2. By-Laws shall be established to facilitate the execution of GSA decisions and to regulate its proceedings, elections and programs when it becomes necessary to be more specific than the Charta or its amendments.
  3. By-Laws and amendments shall become effective immediately if they were passed by a GA. By-Laws passed by the board shall become effective after they have been published for five days.
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  1. Anonymous

    Yowch. Looking into this tgourhh your links, it seems as though these powers could be used to investigate people for reasons wholly unconnected with, I mean not even tangentially connected to, child pornography. Is that right?

  2. Anonymous

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  3. Anonymous

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