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  • A. By-Law Governing the Election Procedure
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By-Law to the Charta of the Graduate Students Association Governing the Election Procedure

  1. The election is led by the election leader as specified in the Charta (5.7). She decides in all election-related situations that are not covered by the Charta or a By-Law. She announces the beginning and the end of the election process.
  2. The election room must contain three tables and a wallboard or a transparency projector. The election leader prepares an adequate amount of election forms with the names of the candidates, a ballot box, a number of pens, chalk, markers or transparencies with pens, and an election screen.
  3. The election leader introduces the assembly to the offices to be filled, the election system as specified in the Charta (§6) and the number of candidates running.
  4. The leader asks the Assembly for a vote of confidence in favor of the current office holders to relieve them from further liability arising from actions during their term of office. The Assembly votes by hand raising.
  5. The leader oversees the presentation of all candidates and fair treatment of all candidates during the campaign.
  6. On three separated tables, the election leader prepares one station to pick up the ballot form, one station - equipped with an election screen and pens - to fill out the ballot and one station - equipped with the ballot box - to return the ballot. The voters line up before table one and proceed orderly through the three stations. The leader is responsible that no voter exercises her right to vote more than once.
  7. The leader puts all valid absentee ballots into the ballot box and publicly declares the number of votes cast, split into absentee and present ballots.
  8. The leader determines two volunteers from the Assembly, none of whom may be a candidate or present office holder, to determine the outcome of the election. One volunteer counts and announces the votes audibly, the other volunteer writes the announcements visibly on a wallboard or projected transparency.
  9. The leader determines the outcome of each election round and repeats the procedure
    (6) - (8) until the winners of the election have been determined.
  10. The leader asks the winning candidates and their substitutes if they accept their new positions.
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