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The GSA is the formal representation of the interests and ideas of the graduate student community of the Jacobs University Bremen. Graduate Studies forms an integral part of Jacobs University in establishing and promoting itself as a leading private research university in Germany. In establishing the GSA as an organisation representing the interests and ideas of every graduate student at Jacobs University we are following the university's approach towards inter- and transdisciplinarity in academic teaching and research.

The main objectives and goals of the GSA are as follows:

  • to provide a scholarly forum for graduate students at Jacobs University to generate and nurture the vital exchange of ideas across disciplinary boundaries
  • to promote graduate students' work in research and teaching both within and outside of the Jacobs community
  • to help and assist new and existing graduate students at Jacobs University with all matters relating to graduate student life at Jacobs University and in Bremen
  • to facilitate communication between graduate students, faculty and administration at Jacobs University, to introduce graduate studies to undergraduates and to inform them about graduate studies and graduate student life
  • to provide a social and cultural forum for graduate students at Jacobs University.

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