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The GSA Executive Board sends graduate members to these committees:



Graduate Member


Academic Integrity Committee

1 year, volunteers from community, two chosen by the Board in the Spring

Pesonen, Pipsa Caramella Wilbertiina and Modi, Ankur

The committee is the primary forum for adjudicating issues of academic integrity. The deliberations of the committee in matters of academic integrity are conducted in private, their protocols are confidential, and the members are honor bound to maintain silence concerning its activities.

Committee of Finance

term of Treasurer

Celan, Felicia

The Committee of Finance works for the promotion of student interests in administrative decisions pertaining to the allocation of budget and student-related financial matters. In the areas of its competences, it represents the undergraduate student body to the administration, and acts as an advisory body to the Administration concerning student related financial matters. By default, this position is filled by the treasurer

Food Committee

term of Board Member who volunteers

Horozal, Feryal Fulya


Teaching Evaluation Committee

not established


The committee serves as a platform for evaluation and discussion of the issues related to the quality of teaching offered at Jacobs University. It offers a link between Faculty, Staff, and Students for a producive cooperation on all aspects of teaching.

Social Activities Task Force

Open membership, call made in Fall and Spring

Open membership

The Social Committee is part of the GSA helping to organize events planned by the Activity Coordinator along with other board members when necessary and also to provide suggestions for new events.  Members of the Social Committee have no voting power and are therefore here on a volunteer basis.

Equal Opportunity, Dual Career, and Family Friendliness Committee

1 year, volunteers from community, two chosen by the Board in the Fall

Islam, Tuhidul & Doßner, Marion Bernadette

EQ Committee is a university committee that deals with issues pertaining to the representation of members of different groups (according to gender, ethnicity, etc.) and their interests at all different levels of the university. It represents the interests of minority groups and deals with all issues concerning work-life-balance. In addition the committee coordinates the activities in the context of the university's family and work audit. Members are advisors under the anti-sexual harassment policy which is available at Policy

Club Liason

term of Activities coordinator

Kodrasi, Ina

This committee deals with everything related to the organization, supervision and structural arrangements of clubs, activities and events that belong to Jacobs University. It aims to enhance the "Jacobs experience" outside the classroom by providing an incentive to the organization of activities and clubs of all sorts. This year, the Department of Campus Activities and Intercultural Affairs have decided to work closely with the Student Parliament to give Club Liaisons a new revolutionary approach.

University Wide Committee Liaison

term of external secretary

Pacheco Trynkina, Ksenia Yoliliztli

Position serves as a link between Faculty, USG, GSA and Staff leadership. Regularly updates the GSA Board on the work of these organizations.

Graduation 2010

call for volunteers made in Spring

open membership

The graduation committee will be formed in November with volunteers from undergraduate and graduate students (majority from the class of 2010). It was then approved by the student body via a public election.

O-Week 2010

call for volunteers made in Spring

open membership

Events planning and Mentor Program organization

President's Award

call for 1 volunteer made in Fall

Islam, Tuhidul

The award is given to an individual, who has dedicated exceptional efforts beyond his/her normal duties to the benefit of Jacobs University.

Olympix 2009

call for volunteers made in Fall

Hamann, Steffi & Noack, Martin Carl Gunter

Organizing committee

GSA Elections Oversight Committee

Call made as needed before elections

Hollway, James Ross Colin, Beti Mintong, James Maxime & Esra Oezcan

Volunteers will collect ballots to ensure quality of elections.

Please take a look at the Academic Affairs Committees page for faculty membership information.

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