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Deyan is a first year Master's student in Computer Science

Dear colleagues,

First of all, I want to deeply apologize for missing the Graduate
Assembly without prior notice. I had a family emergency which I found
out about just half an hour before the assembly and this was the
quickest I could get back to you. I am very sorry for the inconvenience
I may have caused.

Leaving this incident aside, I would like to motivate my application for
a Treasurer Substitute.

I am a "fresh" first year Smart Systems student at Jacobs, yet I am also
returning from three eventful years as an undergraduate student here. If
you cast your vote for me as a Treasurer Substitute, I would pursue the
following primary goals:

1. Advertise and make easily accessible the information and guidelines
of how the Jacobs master student can request and utilize GSA funding.
2. Strictly observe the monetary flow throughout the GSA and prevent
any potential misspending or abuse.
3. Be highly responsive and flexible when actions need to be taken
quick. Jacobs is a very dynamic place and the speed and frequency of
events coming into existence could be quite frightening sometimes.

All these three given, my position of a Treasurer Substitute would be
successfully enforced, as in my eyes it requires an official to act as a
strong support for carrying out the activities initiated by the student
body and the GSA.

I am driven by my personal experience in setting these aims. Two years
ago, I was among the founding members of the "Computer Science Club"
here at Jacobs and we were inspired to come into existence with a Bang.
(smile) We threw what came to be known later as "The Matrix Party" and had
an amazing turnout, atmosphere, abundance of high quality beer and
various refreshments. However, as I mentioned above, the time from
conceiving this idea in our heads and turning it into reality was
extremely short - we took no longer than two weeks! Such a feat would
have never been possible without the rapid involvement and confirmation
of GSA funds which, added to some professor contributions, were enough
to fund the entire event. This is a great time to thank Christoph Lange,
who acted as our messenger to the GSA at the time, and helped us get
organized in time. Oh, and in case I forgot to mention, we got extreme
attendance from both graduates and undergraduates, which was one of the
few opportunities the two communities had to interact (and drink a lot
of free beer (smile) ).

The moral of the story, in my eyes, is that this is a practice worth
continuing (not only for the beer (wink) ), and the GSA should give its
best to support such great initiatives. I am extremely thankful for the
support we were given in the past and would heartily want to contribute
in giving it to others.

With wishes for a strong fiscal semester,

P.S. But I am not promising beer, so don't vote for me on that basis (smile)

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