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Please visit EU Elections Campaign 2009 to visit the new page.

About this Page

On initiative of PhD student Chritoph Lange, GSA, USG, CAIA and individual students will be organizing and encouraging students to vote for the 2009 EU Parliamentary elections. Please use this space for discussion.

Initial questions

  1. Who can vote?
  2. How can voting registration be done?
  3. Who is running?
  4. How to organize students day of elections?
  5. Can we involve local politicians to come raise votes on campus?
  6. Can we organize debates (using professors as participants?)
  7. How should we split up the work?

Organizational To-dos

  1. Inform students of voting rights
  2. Research EU legislation
  3. organize information campaign
  4. Register Students
  5. Inform students of party profiles
  6. Contact politicians/press

Useful sites

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  1. Hi Guys,

    I'm currently initiating the contact with the Professor who created the Wahl-o-Mat - a useful online tool that which provides you with different statements to which you can agree, disagree or be neutral and which then statistically calculates which party program best corresponds to your political standing. The tool is in German and will go online on May 11th. If we get access, we would need some volunteers for translating the program.

    If you are interested, please contact me at

    1. Great! As I said before, I'd like to help with the translation.

  2. And again...

    I've done some more in depth research and contacted Bremen-Wählt-Europa asking for English material.

    Regarding procedures...

    EU citizens who live in Germany have to register for the election (Antrag auf Eintragung ins Wählerverzeichnis) no later than May 17th (21 days before the elections, i.e. June 7th): (This is so far only available in German). The form has to be filled in and signed and mailed/brought to the respective community. Something to check: is this for everyone in Bremen the same or is there a Nord/City difference.

    There is basic information in all EU languages available on:

    Further, we need to make people aware that they have to unregister once they move outside Germany.
    Also, we should make people aware of the possibility of postal ballot.

    So much for now.

    1. I'd suggest that we organize some event, or attach to sth. existing, like the GSA coffee break, and invite all people interested in voting. Then we'd help them to fill that form, collect them, and hand them over to the authority in charge (Statistisches Landesamt = state bureau of statistics; office is close to main station, i.e. I could take care). The deadline is May 17, but the officer I phoned said that doing it about a week earlier would make things easier for them.

      For the voting itself, I think it would be nicest to take all interested students to "our" polling station, the school in Grohn (uphill from Haven Höövt). On-campus students can vote there anyway. Others, who would have to vote in their quarter, can apply for postal ballot but then take the letter to the polling station themselves. Alternatively, you can apply for postal ballot and not fill the postal voting form but just take a receipt to a polling station of your choice and then vote there.

  3. Point of Professors who might be willing to help:

    Georg Ress - currently teaches European Community Law with Magda

    Boris Barth - (Contemporary) European History

    Jens Steffek - thought European Integration in Fall 2008

    Jan Delhey - research interest European Integration

    Philipp Genschel - research interest European Integration