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As it was mentioned in the General Assembly with the President on 11.11.09 we have around 15000 EUR excess budget which was accumulated on our account from the past couple of years.

There is no reason why that excess money should stay in the bank, and thus we want to spend them in the best way possible!

We want to use them on projects and ideas that will benefit the Graduate community not only this year, but also in future!

Please leave your comments here with your name or even anonymously just post a comment stating your opinion. If you feel more comfortable by sending your opinion directly to the board or one of the members your are free to do so!
Send us your opinion on or send me a personal email with you opinion on

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  1. Blastorah, Jennifer Leeann:

    I hate to send a spam like this, but I will do it anyways.

    I had a suggestion of what to do with some of the extra money the GSA has, and maybe it's not possible but I might as well bring it up.

    I think one of the best things offered are these coffee breaks, but the problem is that it's difficult because most of the time people aren't on campus during that time, or when they are, the coffee break is cancelled or we have classes straight through the small time period offer.
    Why not try to create more of a permanent 'grad lounge' which is open every day? Start charging a decent price for the coffee, (not too much) create a couple of jobs, and get a few magazine subscriptions. Then the 'coffee break' could actually be taken advantage of by all grads and we would have a more permanent place to interact with one another.

    Again, it's just a suggestion. I had a very successful grad lounge at my previous university and it would be great to have one here too.


    1. Hudson, James Robert:

      I hate to spam as well, but I must say that this is a great idea. I enjoyed using the lounge during O-week, but now I am never on campus while it is open. Also, I would much rather pay a reasonable price for coffee and support the job of a fellow grad than pay the more outragous price charged at some of the other venues on campus. As I live off campus (and I know many of us grads do), this would also provide me a "home" to relax on campus while waiting for a train, or such.
      Jen thanks for the great idea!

    2. Please do not hate sending spams !!!!
      That is the best tool graduates have to exchange ideas, as you have mentioned, most grads do not live on campus, and they are not available or cannot attend the GSA meetings, and give their outputs, therefore we are left with the spams.
      Please always participate, that is what the GSA is working hard for, to get your ideas, opinions, and spams.
      By the way I personally like the idea about subscribing a magazine, and hereby suggest the Economist, which should be in our lounge so people can read while relaxing, or killing the time.

      Keep participating.
      Truly yours Rafael Almeida.

      1. Aykut, Tankut Rasit:

        i think jen made a great point. it's a perfect idea to have a gsa lounge that is permanently open and that offers quality coffee. i also agree that the economist only kills the time.

        1. Christoph LANGE:

          Dear all,

          the grad lounge is an excellent idea. Actually it could not only be used
          for killing time, but, if you don't mind, also for light work (warning). I must
          admin that I'm often too lazy to move my ass to the GSA lounge when there is a
          coffee break, as it is so far away from Research I. (Shame on me, you are
          actually doing such an excellent job with the coffee breaks!)

          But I would consider having certain kinds of work-related meetings with
          students or colleagues in a grad lounge. Sometimes we have such meetings at
          the Friseur. When there is nothing too hard to discuss, for which you need
          e.g. a board or more than one computer, it is a more relaxed atmosphere. At
          least if in the lounge there is some corner where you don't get disturbed too

          Still, we have to find people who are at least as committed as those who are
          currently running the coffee breaks (keep it up!), in order to run the lounge.
          Even some kind of payment might not work as an incentive for the barkeepers,
          if people lack time or commitment.



  2. Deyan Ginev:

    Dear all,

    Spams serve a purpose to a point, true. But once a discussion grows
    and gets popular, it becomes hard to follow and to keep constructive.

    I remember it was mentioned that a new website was to be set up for the
    GSA to operate with, so that the Teamwork constraints won't be a problem
    anymore (there were some job ad emails flying around). I would also chip
    in with an idea - extend the contract of whoever took up the noble task
    of taking care of the website, in order to add a forum bulletin board to
    it as well. There are many open-source forum solutions out there, most
    of which are quite reasonable to deploy and use on the fly with minimum
    extra effort.

    Basically, in addition to working towards a real-life permanent lobby
    for the grad community, establish a virtual lobby as well, where all of
    us can communicate, regardless of what our off-campus location could be.
    A long time ago we had official Jacobs University (then International
    University Bremen) forums, which were of great help to incoming
    students, distributing course materials and any general discussions. I
    was quite happy with using them then, which is why I am bringing the
    idea forward right now.


  3. As a PhD student without scholarship - I'd say how about we use this money for some minimal scholarship for grads without any. Be it even 20 Eur a month, it still beats zero by far!
    It kind of feels very irrelevant to discuss having quality coffee available 24/7 in the light of the above. I don't know how many grads out there also have no funding, so maybe that's just my own issue and I should zip it.
    Besides that - if it's anyway EXCESS grads money - give it to the grads themselves, grown up people (for most part) we can distribute our small share for what we really need individually...

    Thanks for your attention.

  4. Dear Deyan,

    In response to your idea about discussion forums, i must inform you that such a service is indeed in the plan for the website already. Infact it would be integrated with the campusnet login to make minimal user-side work and enhance communication already.

    Right now the launch date for the new website is February 1 as we have to concretely create plans for how the website would be designed.

    We have already selected an individual who would work on the website development and put all these ideas in shape.



  5. Anonymous

    do a monthly lotto of about 400 euro to sponsor grads to conferences - every grad with wanting to go for a conference should apply well like a month b4 the conference

  6. Anonymous

    Dear all,

    As we all know Bremen is a flat city, therefore I would really like to have a climbing wall in our university,
    either an outdoor climbing wall or a even a small climbing hall for bouldering.

    I would be very thankful if at least a part of the budget will be spent on development of new sport facilities at campus.


    Alexander Japaridzde