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The current Graduate Students Association Executive Board has several vacancies and we will have elections for the new student representatives to fill in these positions. We will be meeting the candidates on Wednesday, September 30 at an Assembly and elections will take place on October 1-2 by email ballot.


Ksenia Pacheco Trynkina - 87

Secretary General SES (substitute)
Ankur Modi - 79

SHSS Secretary General
Marion Dossner - 79
Rafael Almeida - 18

Treasurer (substitute)
Deyan Ginev - 39
Snezana Jovanoska - 56

Activities Coordinator
Ina Kodrasi - 56
Rosalyn Harrison - 37

Email Voting

Send completed ballot to by midnight on October 2nd, 2009.

GSA General Assembly

Come meet the candidates! Food will be served.

Date: September 30th, 2009
Time: Starting at 19:00
Venue: Lecture hall in Research 3

Candidates (click on names for statements):

Ksenia Pacheco Trynkina

SES Secretary General (substitute)
Ankur Modi

SHSS Secretary General
Marion Dossner
Rafael Almeida

Treasurer (substitute)
Deyan Ginev
Snezana Jovanoska

Activities Coordinator
Ina Kodrasi
Rosalyn Harrison

Vacant Positions

There are 6 main GSA Board positions and each position is filled with one permanent member and a substitute member. So the Board will be made up of 12 people. We have the following vacant positions at the moment.

  1. Secretary (both permanent and substitute positions are vacant)
  2. General Secretary for SES Substitute
  3. General Secretary for SHSS (both permanent and substitute positions are vacant)
  4. General Secretary for JCLL (both permanent and substitute positions are vacant)
  5. Activities Coordinator (both permanent and substitute positions are vacant)
  6. Treasurer Substitute

To nominate yourself or someone

So, are you interested in getting involved in student representation? Or do you know someone who would be the perfect candidate for one of these positions? If you are nominating someone, please send us an e-mail with the full name of the person you would like to nominate and the position for which you would like to nominate him/her. Once the nomination deadline is over, the nominees will have a couple of days to accept or decline their nominations. A person can be nominated for more than one position, although he/she can eventually only run for one office. Self nominations are also welcome.

All interested candidates may apply for one of these positions. The call is for the permanent positions. After the elections, for each of the above positions, where both permanent and substitute positions are vacant, the person with most votes will become the permanent member and the person with the second highest number of votes will become the substitute. Thus, you can not directly run for a substitute position.
Please send your nominations to: <>

Call for nominations will be made September 16-23. Nominees can accept or decline nominations until September 27. Candidates then are asked to campaign on the mailing lists and attend the Assembly on September 30 to speak to the community.

A Short Description of the Board Positions

1. Board Members – general responsibilities

General responsibilities include attending weekly Board meetings, responding to email correspondence within the Board and taking external questions, following up on issues related to graduate life, making funding decisions, attending meetings with the administration, organizing GSA events and helping out with university events.    

2. Substitutes

Substitutes are a very important part of the Board, they have full voting power in absence of the permanent and participate in all Board activities. A Substitute replaces the permanent member in case he or she resigns from the board. Since the graduate population has reached more than 500 students, the Board need the collaboration of the Substitutes with the permanent members to be more effective, more present and more successful in implementing student motions. Substitutes are an essential source of support and contribute to the community in tandem with his or her permanent.  

3. Secretary Generals

Each Secretary General (SG) represents the graduate students of his or her school towards the university administration, faculty, staff, alumni, undergraduates and other bodies. As such, SGs hear motions and petitions from Members of his or her school and work to execute them. SGs oversee the implementation of all resolutions passed by either the Board or the General Assembly. Each SG has the power to veto any resolution passed by the Board, and decide with other board members on funding applications and other important decisions that concern graduates. The goal of an SG is to positively contribute to graduate community life and this includes organizing graduate associated academic and social events within his or her school.

4. Treasurer

The Treasurer is responsible for the funds of the GSA. The Treasurer reports on the budget to the Board, informs the General Assembly of the financial situation of the GSA, keeps records of all financial transactions for approval by the administration and collects donations, fees and all other monies that are transferred into the possession of the GSA. The Treasurer disburses funds for Board activities and for funding decisions. When funding applications reach the GSA, the Treasurer checks if all the needed information is present so that the Board is able to decide on it. Additionally, he or she attends the monthly Committee of Finance meetings.

5. Activities Coordinator

In addition to the general responsibilities of being a Board member, the Activities Coordinator is responsible for the coordinating and initiating activities for graduate students. Relevant activities include academic events such as student-led lectures or guest speakers and social/cultural events such as the GSA parties in the GSA Lounge and tours of Bremen. The Activities Coordinator is also responsible for the GSA Lounge space and taking care of any Lounge rentals and is also in charge of orientation events for new graduate students.

6. Secretary

The Secretary is responsible for the public presentation of the GSA and as so, coordinates the GSA's presentation in the community.  He or she is the main representative of the GSA in official matters.  The Secretary coordinates Board projects, keeps up-to-date lists of members at all times and is responsible for the GSA archive, announces meetings of the Board or the General Assembly, collects agenda points, and chairs all meetings of the GSA.
For more information, please consult the GSA Charta: .

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