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Broker vs. Newspaper

Even though it may seem hard to find the right place to live at times, most graduate students successfully live off-campus in private flats or WG's. In order to find a vacant apartment, there are two basic possibilities: studying the classifieds in local papers and asking a real-estate broker. Searching the papers is tedious, requires good language skills and physical closeness to Bremen, as one needs to be fast in calling and visiting advertised apartments lest they are gone.

A broker normally offers higher quality apartments and can better plan for people who will not be able to look at appartments on the spur of the moment. However, brokers charge a fee for their service. This fee is the equivalent to about two monthly rents. It is due only after you sign a contract for an apartment that the broker found for you - checking out even several offers from different brokers is free.

Where to look:

Have a German speaker with you!

It is recommended to have a German speaker with you when looking at apartments or signing a contract. You can also bring the contract to the Student Service Center for them to look over it.

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