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What can you get money for?

Did you know that you (yes, YOU!) can get money from the Graduate Student Association?

The GSA offers financial support for a wide-variety of activities, such as:

Academic events: Do you have experience or knowledge that could help other grads? The GSA can support you with funds for snacks and drinks while you hold a lecture or informational meeting (e.g., how to apply to PhD positions, how to use JavaRef, your research results, statistics reviews, etc.). Of course, the GSA can also financially support guest speakers.

Social events: The GSA supports a wide-range of social events, big and small! For example, host a get-to-know-each-other party for the people in your program, organize campus-wide activities like Diwali or an off-campus event for graduate students (e.g., tours of Bremen, excursion to Bremerhaven, etc.).

Clubs and sports: The GSA can financially support the clubs and sports teams important to grads. We can help you buy equipment and organize events.

The GSA needs motivated people to help us spend our money on what matters to grads. Take the initiative!

How to apply:

  • Please exclusively use this form for your application to the GSA board.
  • Bear in mind that it might take up to a month before the board meets again and can vote on your application.


  • Parties for members of one department or programme can be funded with 4 € per graduate participating. A list of graduate participants must be submitted to the GSA board after the party. (Original decision)
  • Concerning parties open to anybody, there is no such restriction.
  • Alcohol can be funded, but only 40% of the funding budget that is asked from the GSA can be for alcohol. Hard liquor only if it is used for cocktails. (Original decision)