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Regular Events

Coffee Breaks Fall 2009 Check out the pictures!

Coffee Breaks are organized every Monday (13:00-14:30), Wednesday (14:15 - 15:30) and Friday (15:00-16:30) in the GSA Lounge!
Everyone is welcome!!! Drop by and have a free cup of coffee, cappuccino, latte, hot chocolate, and many more!

Movie Nights

Once in every month there will be a movie night organized! Some movies are proposed, but you can always suggest a movie of your choice! Movie nights take place on Thursdays in the GSA Lounge!

Parties throughout the semester!

Freimarkt 22.10.2009 Check out the pictures!

Poker Night 05.11.2009 Check out the pictures!

Clubbing Party in a club downtown coming soon!

Glühwein Party and Weihnachtsmarkt outing Coming Soon!

Any suggestions? Leave a comment and let us know!!!

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