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Housing Help

The GSA Board understands that moving to a new country or city can be stressful and finding affordable, fair housing is a priority. That is why we employ a Graduate Housing Coordinator specifically to help grads find housing. Please contact Tianchan Wang ( with any questions.

This website can be accessed via the following url as well:

Where can I live?

  1. Off-campus in a private flat

Who can help me?

Besides the GSA, the Student Service Center can give you advice with regards to housing. 

How do I find a private flat?

In general looking for an apartment in Germany may be time consuming and annoying experience. You need to give yourselves plenty of time for finding the accommodation you were looking for. Thus start your search early, some time before your trip.

Living in Germany can be expensive, so if you don't want to rely on luck, you should consider several possibilities. A major advice here is to decrease your expectations from the perfect place you want to live in, to the place you can afford.

Upon your arrival in Bremen you might find it necessary to live in a hostel or some other type of temporary accommodation until you find an apartment. This might take few days, weeks or maybe even more than a month. Some hostels offer reduced rates if you are staying there longer so you can pay per week instead of per day.

  1. General info
  2. Finding an Apartment
  3. Bremen City Areas
  4. Neighborhoods in Bremen (Viertel, Neustadt, Walle, Findorf, etc..)
  5. German Housing Terms and Abbreviations
  6. The Lease
  7. Furnished - Unfurnished

Where do I look??