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New GSA Website

Dear All,

The GSA Website has moved. The GSA Executive Board hereby presents the new Official Website of the Graduate Student Association at . The new website has been developed over several months and has some key new features :

  • Central Location to stay updated with all GSA News and events for current and incoming students
  • Online Discussion Forums : As requested and demanded by students. All the lengthy discussions can now take place online in the convenience of proper and familiar forums. Go to forums Now
  • Online Funding Application : We introduce easy and convenient to use online funding application. The GSA shall henceforth accept ONLY online funding applications submitted at the GSA website.
  • Dedicated Housing Section : Includes Housing Guides for Bremen and soon to come University-wide Dynamic Housing Offers Gallery. Go to Housing Offer Site
  • Other Services : Online Lounge Reservation, Contact Information, Meeting Minutes, etc
    And to ease it all, it works with your Jacobs username and passwords like campusnet, teamwork , etc .

Important : If you currently link to the GSA's teamwork pages, please update your links to


Ankur Modi
On Behalf of the GSA Executive Board

To Visit the Old Website, Click Here

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