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Firstly, take a look at the Graduate Housing Guide. Contact the Graduate Housing Coordinator, Celia Schiller ( with any further questions or with offers you want to put on this page.

Housing Resources - links to places where you can search


This website can be accessed via the following url as well:

HOUSING OFFERS (latest on top)





Size (m²)



Rent & Deposit


77: online since April 17thApartment

28777 Bremen (Stadt) - Farge

June 2019375m2Yeskitchen, bath tub, shower, garden for use, flat sharing possible for 3 to 4 personsRent: 650 Euro - English speaker
76: online since April 17thApartment

Bermpohlstrasse 28, 28757 Bremen - Vegesack, 5min to train station

June 2019375m2Yeskitchen, shower, attic, garden for use, flat-sharing is possible for 3 to 4 persons Rent: 750 Euro - English speaker
75: online since April 12thRoomGrambker Heerstrasse 109, 20719 BremenImmediately19m2YesA room in a flat sharing with 3 persons.Rent: 200 Euro warm, Deposit: 200 Euro

Anita und Werner Brucheide

Phone: 04216659898

Mobile: 01724224246


74: online since April 9thApartmentBremen-Nord, Bertholdstrasse 16, 3.5km to JU, 5min way from the SedanplatzApril 1st, 20191.549m2YesThe apartment is located on the 1st floor in a quiet residential complex with a total of 10 apartments. The apartment has a balcony, a bath with a bathtub, a washing and drying room with dishwasher.

335 Euro + 135 Euro service charges, deposit: 670 Euro

Georg Rudloff

Phone: 0421-249975

Mobile: 0152-29758528

73: online since April 9th2 rooms in an apartment (flat-sharing community)Bremen Burg-Grambke, 20min to JUMarch 1st, 20193 (bath, WC, build-in-kitchen)each 15m2Yescellar room with washing machine and dryer (separate entrance), fridge, freezer, microwave, oven, table ware, TV (in each room)450 Euro

Hans-Werner Neumann

Phone: 0421-30327253

72: online since April 9thRoom

28779 Bremen-Nord, 15min by train to JU

Immediately1, a second room is possible15m2Yes

Room with terrace in a house with garden (owner lives in Frankfort, only sometimes in Bremen), floor-to-ceiling windows, own bathroom (9m2) with bathtub, WC, shower, kitchen fully equipped (coffee machine, microwave, bed linen, bicycle

320 Euro warm, deposit: 300

Phone: 0174-9644330

71Shared roomHelsingborgerstrasse 67Immediately120m2YesVery nice view , calm area, one bus to Jacobs 18 minutesRent 380 Eur

Deposit 380 Eur
70FlatNext to Jacobs UniversityImmediately2NAYes

Private bathroom and private kitchen.We offer a 2-bedroom flat w/ kitchen and private bathroom at only 100m from the JUB.


650 Eur all included

Mrs Krömer,

Tel 0421-620 8878

69ApartmentBremen MarsselImmediately160m2YesThe apartment has a living room, a bedroom and a brand new kitchen, making it ideal for singles as well as couples. It's located in a quiet street with a lot of green surrounding. Pictures available here:
Rent 600€ for one person / 650€ for two people (includes everything)


0421 200 3222,

+49 15731996570

68Shared House

Vegesack, Aumunder Heide 85, 28755 Bremen 

 Distance to Jacobs University appox 5-7 min by bus. 

June, 20193

Room 1 and 2: 10m2

Room 3: 13m2

YesA 3 bedroom shared house with bathroom, kitchen, floor, garden, car parking and attic in a quiet and serene neighborhood. Every room includes a bed, a cabinet, a TV and Internet. Also the kitchen is fully equiped with oven, table, coffee maschine, etc. A washing maschine is avaiable for use.

Rent for Room 1 and 2: 325 Euro

Rent for Room 3: 360 Euro
Deposit: 3 months rent (negotiable) or

67ApartmentSchonebecker Strasse 15, bus stop/5~8 min walk 1 Feb 201919 m2yes (bed, table and large wardrobe)Room has separate entrance (outside of apartment, so you will have complete privacy) but you will be sharing kitchen ( with freezer, fridge, dishwasher, stove, micro etc) and WC (washing machine installed) and a large living room with Couch and dining table, with a young couple. (Note: looking for female tenant)

260 euros ( including water, heating, electricity, INTERNET, Radio fee, garbage)

Deposit: 1 month rent (can be split)


66ApartmentBremen-Schönebeck, Clamersdorferstr. 19, 10 min walk to JUB1 Feb 2019380 m2PartiallyLarge 3-room apartment with huge equipped kitchen, bathroom, partially furnished 2 bedrooms and non-furnished third living room. The furniture belongs to current tenants and available for sale. Photos available per request (see contact)

Rent 596 Eur

Deposit 954

 Roman Chernov  +491788312287 

65Shared Apartment – To be shared with one person

Address: Weizenfurt 2a, 28759 Bremen

Located 1km away from Jacobs University (10 mins walk or 3 mins by bike).


Available from February 2019

1 bedroom 10,9 m2 (separate), 1 living room 19,06 m2 (Shared), 1 work/study room 10,9 m2 (Shared), 1 kitchen 8,39 m2 (Shared), 1 bathroom 6,37 m2 (Shared), 1 balcony and 1 storage room in the basement.

Total space - 80,75 m2. Exclusive space: 10,9 m2; Shared space (for both the tenants): 55.9 m2


The apartment is in the 2nd floor of an apartment house with 3 floors and 6 apartments. There is no elevator. There is a Balcony (4,48 sqm).


The kitchen has a cooking/work surface with a total length of 3.7m and thus lot of space for cooking and storage. It is fully equipped with a fridge, a freezer, a stove, an oven, a dishwasher and a microwave. It also has a small dining table at which 2 people can have a seat.


New, modern state-of-the-art bath room with a shower tub which can be used both for taking a bath and a shower.


You will find space in the basement to store things and bikes. The apartment is cleaned every 14 days. The cleaning fee is included in the rent.

Rent: 413.60 €/month (including 283.60€ cold rent (Kaltmiete) + 60.50€ operational cost (Betriebskosten) + 69.50€ advance payment for heating, water and electricity). Deposit: 774€

The above rental figures represent half of the total rent of the apartment.

Mr. Ramsankar Chandrasekar, a PhD student of Jacobs University, is the other tenant.

+49 15171093475

64ApartmentBremen-St. Magnus, Billungstr. 22, by bike 10 minFeb 12 (+ kitchen and bath)60 m2Yesshower bath +WC, Minikitchen, aven, internet, TV, 2 sleeping sofas

Rent 604,95 Eur

Deposit 400 Eur

Peter Sandvoss,

Bremen,Billungstr. 22,

63One room Apartment  Am Schwarzen Meer 74 (Viertel), 28205 BremenJanuary 20191 24 m2Yes  bathroom with shower, pantry kitchen, TV, bed, wardrobe

 Rent 538 Eur incl

Deposit 1000 Eur

Robert Weinkauf,

phone 0179 2376742,

62Room in a 3 person flat-sharing community,

 28719 Bremen,

Gramker Heerstr. 109,

15 min to JU

April 1, 201919 m2YesShower bath with WC, kitchen with freezer, fridge, stove, oven, coffee machine, micro wave, toaster,  small sitting area with couch, armchair, wardrobe, table. chair, W-Lan, bed linen etc

200 Euro/month warm incl. heating, water, electricity, garbage collection.

deposit 200 Euro

W. Brulheide,

Grambker Heerstr. 109,

28719 Bremen,

Mobil 0172 422 42 46,

phone 0421-665 98 98

61ApartmentRichthofenstrasse 48/50, 28759February 1st, 2019128m2Fully FurnishedIt is fully furnished, has a TV, a washing machine and a drier (both in the basement).It includes expenses for water, electricity, heating, garbage removal, the fee for maintenance of shared spaces ( the staircase and the cellar), and the cable tax. The apartment building is quite small ( 6 apartments), and 3 of these are rented out to Jacobs people. The landlord lives in the building as well and is easy to reach in case there is a problem (He speaks English as well :)). The building is within a 10-minute walking distance from the university ( 15 if you start at Research I or IV).  350 Eur/month

Guido Schulte

phone - 0421621770


60Furnished room in a shared houseKirchheide 28757, Vegesack, 7 Minutes from Jacobs UniversityImmediately110 m2Fully FurnishedFully furnished and renovated room with High speed internet, Two bathrooms, shared Kitchen with all amenities like oil, sugar, salt, etc, Cleaning Lady – once a week, Washing Machine, Garden etc. Please email to get pictures from the rooms and any information that you want to get.235 Eur/month (warm)
59Apartment walking distance to the supermarket, close to the bus 94 (bus stop Fahrgrund) 1 February 2019140 m2Fully FurnishedIdeal for a single, some couples may also consider this place. It’s fully furnished, has a small balcony and a storage room in the basement.475 Eur/month cold

Odianosen Akhibi

58Apartment 28777 Bremen-Rekum, Am Kiesberg 2, ca. 30 min to JUDecember 1125 m2fully furnished;     bed, table, 2 chairs etc
300 Euro warm (incl)

Kurt Pesler, 28777 Bremen

Rekum, Am Kiesberg 2,

phone 0421 682643

57Fully furnished nice room in a 4-people apartmentBremen-Aumund, 20 minutes from Jacobs campus by bus, Aumunder Heide 85Immediately, until summer at least (long-time period) 1 room in a house with 3 rooms, spacious attic and personal garden12 m2Yes

A room in a shared apartment for fun and active people! Good location for university students, good condition of kitchen, bathroom and attic. Has everything needed for life and more (dishwasher, tv, cool rommates)!

See photos and more details at

Rent 325 Eur per month (warm)

Deposit of 450 Eur

56Amazing room inside the flat to be rented for a short term, (a few monthes)Burglesum , HelsingborgerstrasseFebruary120 m2Yes

Very nice lily colored room, having wonderful location, and amazing view. It is preferred to be rented for females because the other inhibitors are women. It is available for a few months according the agreement.

Perfect for the people who are coming to Jacobs as temporary scientist researchers , 20 minutes away from Jacobs university by bus


Rent - 450 Eur

Deposit- 450 Eur

55Room (only non-smoker)28759 Bremen, Grohner Kamp 15, 10 min to JUImmediately1 21.4 m2Yes you can use the kitchen and the bathroom

Rent 250 Euro + add. costs 90 Euro,  

Deposit 500 Euro

Bianca und Helmrich Büsing, 28759 Bremen, Grohner Kamp 15,

phone 0421-625362,  


54Two separate apartments for rent.

on Uhthoffstr. 28757 (950m from Schönebeck bridge straight on main street toward Vegesack)

Immediately upon arrangement 2 (1 sitting and 1 sleeping room), a kitchen and a bathroom~ 50 (smaller one) - 65 m^2 (bigger one)


Basic built-in utilities (in the Kitchen with shelf, fridge, cooking station & oven, etc. and in bathroom), and Washing machines (optionally a dryer) and drying lines in the basement.

The landlords, a truly generous and friendly couple, are offering two separate apartments for rent in a big house nearby , each to either a single person or a couple, preferably for friendly non-smokers with no pets, a great sense of caring for the place, and for long term renting contract. Each apartment features a large and private two-room apartment furnished with basic built-in necessities and own storage room in the basement, all of that at affordable rents.

Extra (just ask) available for sale (water kettle, toaster, fridge, hoover, printer, racks, basket, shelf, mirrors, carpet, etc.)

Smaller one: ~ 370E warm!

Bigger one: ~420E warm!

(Prices may be within less 20E margin) + Electricity cost as per own consumption.

Further arrangement via

Call: 0421-200-3569.

53Apartment has 2 roomsZschörnerstr. 16, Bremen, 28779. 16. November 240 m2YES

The apartment has 2 rooms, a bath, and small kitchen, 40 m2, fully furnished. The apartment is on the first floor of a house, and it has own separate entrance. There are washing machine, electric oven and fridge in the kitchen. The landlord and his wife are super nice people, and very helpful.


Rent is 300 euro plus approx. 129 utility costs

 Mr. Emanuel Paul.


Contact No- 0421 69009280

52Aartment (for 1 person, couples apon request, Souterrain)28757 Bremen-Schönebeck, Freier Damm 19, 1,4 km to JUNovember 1 (2018), preferred 2 years minimum

1 living room, 1 bedroom, 1 bathrooom and small kitchen

 49 m2Completely furnished with standard applianceBedroom with queensize bed /140x2000 cm, large wardrobe, livingroom with big lounge, writing table, bookshelves and flatscreen TV (cable), private bathroom with shower and WC, new fittet kitchen with micro wave-oven, two ceran cooking plates, refridgerator with freezer, dishwasher, hallway with storage space, washing machine, drying room, basement for bikes

Cold rent. 330 Eur

Warm rent: 560 Eur Wlan, stream and heating incl.

Deposit: 660 Eur

 Gudrun Carstens,

Strandweg 7a, 22880 Wedel,

mobil -01725609151


51A big house with 5 rooms , It can be take individually or whole house

Tecklenburgerstraße in Lemwerder

30 min away to JU from bus

Immediately5262 m2No, except Kitchen is completely customizedThe whole house consist of 5 rooms(unfurnished) including furnished kitchen including 2 toilets ,micro wave, shower, WC, storage room, free electricity, free heating, free water .

Rent per room is 300 Eur including all the facilities

For whole house rent is 1500 Eur all inc.

Herr Neumann

Contact no. 0176/66444102


50A room in a student apartment 28739 Bremen, Grohner Bergstrasse 3, 5 min to JUImmediately1 17,3 m2Yes The apartment offers three student rooms, kitchen with fridge, stove, micro wave, shower, WC, storage room, free fast Wifi, free electricity, free heating, free water315 Eur all inc

Klaus Tietze, Grohner

Bergstrasse 3 28759 Bremen,

Phone - 0421-620 833 - 0

49A room in a flat-sharing community 28719 Bremen, Grambker Heerstrasse 109, 15 min to JUNovember 1 - 2018120 m2YesAn exclusive house with Shower bath with WC, equipped kitchen, bed, cupboard, chair, table etc., W-lan

Rent - 340 Eur

Deposit - 300 Eur

Mobile - 0172 422 42 46,

Phone - 0421-665 9898

48A single room28719 Bremen , Grambker Heerstraße 109 , Bushaltestelle vor der Tür , ca. 15 Min. zur UnNovember 1 - 2018120 m2Yes

An exclusive house furnished, bed, small sitting area with couch and armchair, table, desk, chair, wardrobe,

W-Lan, bed linen.

Kitchen with fridge, freezer, stove, oven, toaster, microwave, kettle, coffee maker, dishes

Rent- 300 Eur, inclu.

Heating, water, electricity, garbage disposal
Deposit- 300 €

Mobil 0172 422 42 46
Tel.: 0421 665 98 98

47Room in a Shared Apartment – To be shared with one person (total 3)Richthofenstrasse 59,28759 Bremen. 10 min walk from UniversityImmediately1-NoThe person has to share a kitchen, bathroom, dining hall with the other two Ph.D. students (Indian)Rent:287 (warm)

PHD Student

46Room in a Shared Apartment – To be shared with one person (total 2)Seefahrstrasse, 28759 Bremen. 2 min walk from UniversityAvailable for rent starting October 1, 2018 onward11 bedroom (separate),1 kitchen (Shared), 1 bathroom (Shared), 1 storage room in the basement and 1 storage room in the attic (shared)Yes

An exclusive furnished bedroom in 2 BHK top floor apartment is available at Seefahrtstrasse. (Room has a cot, desk, chair, shelve and private storage area)

It has lots of storage space in the basement cellar and in the attic, bikes can be stored in the garage. The apartment has a washing machine in the basement. Since its the top floor there is a lot of sunlight.The Kitchen is well equipped with Cooking utensils and cutlery. It has a fridge, a freezer, a stove, an oven, a microwave. Bath room with a shower cabinet wash basin and a WC.

Rent: €300/ month (inclusive of heating water and electricity) ; Deposit: €300

Dilip(Master student at Jacobs Univeristy)


call: +49 17657896439,

whatsapp: +91 15163858536 .

45unfurnished room in a shared Apartment (Looking for Girls only)Bremen Lesum, very close to Jacobs University, bus stop and Train stop 7 min awayOctober 15, 20181Multiple room options are available you can choose one of them.Unfurnished

Single unfurnished room in a shared Apartment with 1 Jacobs Post doc girl,

A renovated kitchen, a bathroom and a Living room have to be shared with 1 roommate.

270 euro all inclusive

No Deposit


44Room in house2 bus stops away, 10 minutes walking to Jacobs UniversityAvailable from 15, September,2018118m2Yes

University is 2 bus stops away, 10 min walking.

The room is fully furnished: bed, big wardrobe, office table, chair etc

The big kitchen (about 20m2) and the bathroom (about 10m2) will be shared with 3 other students from Jacobs University.

320€ warm (everything included)


41Apartment28717,Auf dem Pasch, Bremen-LesumAvailable from 1 October 2018 onwards50m2Yes1 bedroom and a cost living room with a small balcony overlooking the garden, furnished, a fully-equipped kitchen (oven, fridge + freezer, built-in cupboards, table with chairs and some kitchenware); and a spacious bathroom with a bathtub and washing machine. 250 Euro + additional costs

Mr. Harenborg

0176 50144360

40Room in a flat sharing community (2 persons)28203 Bremen, Wulvestr-10, (Viertel)Available from October 1120m2YesA house with Soutterrain with kitchen, bath, garden in the Viertel. 320 Euro incl.

 Ulrike Marie Hille

28203 Bremen, Wulvestr. 10

Phone-0421 72936

Mobile-0178 8018894

39Room in a flat-sharing-community of 4 people28717 Bremen-Lesum, Usedomstr. 8, 15 min by bikeAvailable from September 1116 m2YesA house with large garden, 2 bathrooms, fully equipped kitchen (living room), 2 terraces, storage room, carport, internet, tv/radio incl.

 280 Euro (130 add. costs incl.

Deposit - 280 Euro

Marianne Schreibe

Phone 0421-6207101

Mobile-0163 69 18018


 Apartment for Rent

Stockholmer Str. (15 Mins Max by Bus)Sept, 2018136 Sq metre

Fully furnished

house on first floor. One Big room. The apartment has washing machine,refrigerator, freezer, cellar, high speed internet.

400 euros/per month (For 1 Person) 575 euros/ month (For 2 people). Deposit: 435 Euros

Prithvik ,; Figo,

37Room in apartmentFriedrich-Humbert Str, 10 mins walk from university, 2 bus stopsNow - End of September120 sqmIf needed, there will be a place to sleep and a wardrobe

you can take the place while you look for a seperate living space. The apartment must be vacated by/on the 1st of October

since someone else has the contract then.

Rent: 380 euro,
36Share room inside an apartment with other two rooms

Helsingborgerstrasse 67

Sep 1st 2018


20 M.sq


Very nice lily colored room, having shining location, and green view. It is preferred to be rented for females because the other inhibitors are women. It is available for a few months according the agreement .

390 euro + 390 deposite


35ApartmentBremen, Richthofenstrasse 48/50, 10 min to JUFrom Now1(+ with living room, kitchen, bathroom with WC and shower);28 m2  furnished

  WC, kitchen etc.;       

210 Euro + add. costs 150 euros per month

  Guido Schulte Richthofenstr. 48/50, phone 621770,

34 Furnished rooms in a shared house

 Hans Hermann Sieling Strasse. 5 minute walk to Jacobs University and 3 minute walk to Bf Schoenebeck station

September 1, 2018 onwards2-Fully furnished

The rooms are available in a house shared by an international  community of Jacobs University students. Also available within the house are a large common Kitchen (fully equipped with utensils and fridges) and washing machine. 
The house also has access to a large back yard garden with apple trees, and a shed (for extra storage space). High speed internet is also available.
The house also has easy access to grocery shops and public transport. Parking also available.

33ApartmentGuido Schulte, Richthofenstraße 48/50,Aug 20128 qmYes

Apartment (28 qm) with living room, kitchen, bathroom with WC and shower.

It costs € 210,00 netto and is 10 minutes far away from JUB.  

Tel. 621770, email

Contact address: Guido Schulte, Richthofenstraße 48/50,

32 2-room apartment in Neustadt, Moselstrasse 17Sep 1 2018240-50 sq.myesIts a 2-room apartment in Neustadt, Bremen, very close to the city center, 7 min from HBF by public transportation. The apartment is 40-50 square meters, completely furnished, has a balcony, washing machine and a drying room downstairs. 630 without 
31ApartmentBremen-Oslebshausen.Aug 1 20182 rooms34 square meters.yes

Buses number 90 and 94 run every half an hour and take about 30 minutes to get from the "Apotheke am Diako" stop to the "Taunusstraße" stop (Jacobs University). The station in Oslebshausen is also quite central. The trains go there in the direction of Vegesack every 20 minutes. Several good shops and a park are nearby.

The apartment is located on the ground floor and has two rooms, a fitted kitchen, a laundry area with toilet, shower and sink, a hallway and a large basement room. The living area is 34 square meters.
Garden use is possible.

The monthly rent is 420 euros, with basic rent 300 euros and operating costs (water, gas, garbage collection) 120 euros.
The electricity consumption would have to be borne by the renter himself.

302 room apartment OstertorviertelNov 1 to April 2019262yes

It has an open plan kitchen, living room and a bedroom
Dining area from which a balcony off. Facilities include a
Washing machine, a dishwasher, a daylight bathroom with shower and a
Bicycle storage. Good parking is available directly at the house.
The train station, the city center and the stone gate area can be reached in ten minutes on foot. In front
There are three tram lines and a bus line at the door.

Rent: 600 euros
Additional costs: 180 Euro
Other costs (internet, telephone, electricity): 88 Euro
Deposit: 1200 Eurov

Anna Fischbeck ( Phillip Petzold (
29apartment for 1 person (or couple);          Bremen-St. Magnus, Billungstrasse 22,  by bike/bus 10 min to JU;             ; September 1 (2018);   1 + bath, "eat in" kitchen, hall;   30 m2;      furnishedWC, bath tube, mini kitchen + oven, internet, TV;           400 Euro incl., deposit 300 Euro;        Mrs. Sandvoß, phone 62670970,
28single apartment (only non-smoker); Bremen-Schönebeck, 10 min to JUAug 1st 20182 47 m2 (Souterrain) ;      fully furnished;  living room with work table, TV, sleeping room with large wardrobe for clothes, modern kitchen with micro wave and dish washer, shower bath, washing machine and dry room, room for bikes330 + 250 Euro add. costs, deposit 660 Euro;   

phone 0172 5609151 (not before 6 pm)

27room (furnished)28759 Bremen, Grohner Kamp 15, 5 min to JU;     Aug 1st, 2018121,4 m2Yesbath and kitchen are available. 240 + 90 Euro add. costs, deposit 500 Euro; Bianca and Heinrich Büsing, Grohner Kamp 15, 28759 Bremen, phone 625362.
26A furnished room, in a two room apartment, on sharing basis.Bermpohlstrase 28 (8 mins bus from Jacobs University)From 1 August, for two months, or shorter duration (at least a month)118 m2Fully furnishedThe whole house has 2 rooms. 1 attached bathroom, and one fully equipped kitchen. The apartment has washing machine, refrigerator, dish washer,  high speed internet. In the close vicinity of Weser River, Sparkasse Bank, Deutsche Bank, Netto Supermarket (2 mins Walk), 2 Bus Stops (Gustav Heinemann Bürgerhaus and Fährgrund).240 euros/month + electricity. Deposit 250 euros (if taken for 2 months) or 150 euros (if taken for 1 month)
25A room in an apartment28719 Bremen, Grambker Heerstrasse 109, 15 min to JUJuly 15 (2018); room iin a flat-sharing-community;        17 m2;  furnished shower bath, kitchen, fridge, stove, toaster, coffee machine etc.;      300 Euro (incl.); 

28719 Bremen, Gramker Heerst. 109, mobil 0172 4224246 or 6659898,

24A RoomAt only ten minutes walking distance from Jacobs University, very close to “Knoops Park”Aud 1st to sep 2018116m2yes

It is located from JUB on the way to Lesum, just before Knoops Park in a dead end street in green nature (St.-Magnuser Brink 5).

You share the bathroom and kitchenette with three more master/phd JUB-students from India.

Fast internet (VDSL 50, flatrate), electricity, central heating , water, fees for wastewater and solid waste as well as the public radio fees are included in the monthly rent.

It is located from JUB on the way to Lesum, just before Knoops Park in a dead end street in green nature (St.-Magnuser Brink 5).

You share the bathroom and kitchenette with three more master/phd JUB-students from India.

Fast internet (VDSL 50, flatrate), electricity, central heating , water, fees for wastewater and solid waste as well as the public radio fees are included in the monthly rent.

Tel. home 0421 623218

Tel. office 0421 361 59344

Tel. mobile 0178 6200 150

23A RoomAt only ten minutes walking distance from Jacobs University, very close to “Knoops Park”July 1st to sep 2018116 m2yes

It is located from JUB on the way to Lesum, just before Knoops Park in a dead end street in green nature (St.-Magnuser Brink 5).

You share the bathroom and kitchenette with three more master/phd JUB-students from India.

Fast internet (VDSL 50, flatrate), electricity, central heating , water, fees for wastewater and solid waste as well as the public radio fees are included in the monthly rent
It is a cosy room of 16 m² on the 1st floor (above groundfloor) with a perfect view (trees and sky) from the windows for monthly 290 € -  all inclusive.

If you are interested, please contact

Tel. home 0421 623218

Tel. office 0421 361 59344

Tel. mobile 0178 6200 150

22room,    Friedrich-Humbert-Strasse 126, Bremen-Grohn, 10 min. walk;    ;      2;                   June 1 (2018)211 m2 and 17 m2;fully furnished;

bath and ktchen perfect, internet, house keeping, washing machine;        deposit;   

11 m2 =260 Euro,   17 m2  =  320 Euro,   Nina Weber, phone 0175 5913747 (not before 1 pm)

a furnisned room in a shared house


Hohle Strasse 18 28757 Bremenfrom august 1 (2018)415m2Furnished

It is on the second floor of the house. Vegesack hbf is 5 mins away. It takes about 5 mins by bus to Jacobs.



rent: 340 Euros (all inc.)contact: Helmut Pflugradt +49 172 4313089
20 5-person(woman)-flat-sharing community for a PhD (Doktorandin);       28219 Bremen, Wittmunder Strasse 40, 15 min to JU;   September 1 (2018)114 m2 (the house is 105 m2;furnished     small garden, calmly location;         360 Euro (all incl,);  Mrs . Sabine Häcker, 28215 Bremen, Wahnfrieder Strasse 32, phone 702439 or mobil 01772710196.

Carsten and Janka Wenke Alhardstraße 2, 28757 Bremen

June 25 to sep 2018one bedroom12 m.sqYes
  • It is a room with one big bed (1,40 x 2,00 meters). It has an own bathroom with a toilette, a sink and a shower. It ist located in a small building directly to the garage, separated from the main building where the Landlords live. The W-Lan from the main building can be used. It has no kitchen. The kitchen of the main building can be used. The garden can be used.
  • 250€ rent per month (warm). 250€ Surety

Carsten and Janka Wenke

Alhardstraße 2, 28757 Bremen


Telefon: 0421 5498039

18Apartment/RoomsBremen-Lesumm, Am Vogelbusch 59, 3 min to JU, city 16 minJune - Oct 20183-Fully furnished (2 separate rooms with 3 beds (1 x 140x200 and 2 x 90x200);       sunny living room with Sat-TV, phone flatrate, modern bath and kitchen with micro wave etc., large roof terrace (17sqm), no animals, bed linen and towels you can get...;        1200 Euro for 3 persons/month, 40 Euro per night (all incl.);     Petra Kluge, phone 6949780 or 0178 5484005,
16: online since April 16thApartment (only non-smoker)Hohenesch 13, 28777 Bremen, ca 30min to JUImmediately120m2Furnishednewly renovated

Rent: 395 Euro (warm)

Deposit: 400 Euro

Karl-Heinz Friedrichs,

Phone: +49 421 680154 (not before 7pm)

14An ApartmentRichthofenstraße 67 in St. MagnusMay 1st, 2018380 square metersFurnishedA kitchen is included. The bath has a bathtub. You can use the garden with the owners of the house who live downstairs and share the gardening with them.You have a fast internet lane in the street and satellite television in two of three rooms. You can discuss with the actual tenants, master students of JU, to take the furniture they bought last year The rent is 595 Euro pure plus 100 Euro for costs like water, wasted water, garbage collection, chimney sweeper. Electricity and gas are not included in this price. 0049 179 10 65 545, Gaby Kölling. Or send an e-mail to

ROOM 18M with balcony

Bremen-Helsing borgerstrasse, 28719 Bremen


One shared



Shared room in the flat, very sunny and in very nice location

Just one bus to Jacobs university 22 munutes

395 Euro included everything



ROOM 20M with balcony

Bremen-Helsing borgerstrasse, 28719 Bremen


One shared



Shared room in the flat, very sunny and in very nice location

Just one bus to Jacobs university 22 munutes

400 included everything



ROOM 25M with balcony

Bremen-Helsing borgerstrasse, 28719 Bremen


One shared



Shared room in the flat, very sunny and in very nice location

Just one bus to Jacobs university 22 munutes


420 included everything

61 room in a WG

At only ten minutes walking distance from Jacobs University, very close to Knoops Park.


From now116m.sqfurnished

It is a very bright room of 16 m² on the first floor, with a big window and a perfect view (trees and sky).  The monthly rent is 320 €,allinclusive.The location is from JUB on the way to Lesum just before “Knoops Park” in a quiet dead end street in green nature.You share the bathroom and kitchenette with three more master/phdJUB-students from India (two female, one male).Fast internet (VDSL 50,flatrate), electricity,centralheating,water+wastewater  solid waste, and even public radio fees are included in the monthly rent.

 320 euro per month

Tel. home 0421 623218

Tel. office 0421 361 59344

Tel. mobile 0178 6200 150

52~3 rooms in one houseSt. Magnus, An Rauchs Gut, 2 minutes walking distance to Jacobs UniversityStarting from middle of May to Middle of Aug. with the option to the end of Jan. 20192~312~28m2, different rooms with different rentfurnishedPerfect location and furnished rooms in a  quiet house. Free Internet and shared kitchen, bath room, washing machine, garden ect. Long and short time rentals possible.

Rent&deposit: around 300Euro/month (depends on the room's size you picked). Deposit 1 monthly rent.

(The prices including gas, water, electronic, Internet, etc.
Tel: 0421- 24161462 or 01771395777

4Room 28719 Bremen, Gramker Heerstrasse 109May 1 (2018) 1 room in a flat-sharing community of 3 persons 20 m2 furnished  shower bath with WC, kitchen with electric stove, fridge, freezer, micro wave, coffee automat, toaster, water boiler, ktichen ware, internet;       300 Euro warm (incl. heating, electricity, garbage collection, water)

300 Euro warm (incl. heating, electricity, garbage collection, water);

 Anita Bruhlheide, 28719 Bremen, Gramker Heerstr. 109, phone 0172 4224246 (mobil) or 6659898,
2: online since April 12th 20193,5 Rooms apartmentBermpohlstrasse 28 , Bremen Vegesack , City Center near river Weser


 75 meter square 
Fully furnishedapartment on the first floor, the whole house has 4 apartments, 2 upstairs and 2 downstairs. One fully equipped kitchen and a washing machine,  refrigerator,  dishwasher, high-speed Internet, TV. 200 euros/per month per person( if 4 people are renting,225 euros if 3 people are renting . Deposit: 400 euros.swb not included.

1: online since April 12th 2019

3 RoomsAumunder Heide, 28755 Bremen.1 June 2019310, 10, 13 sqmyes

Offer is for 3 bedroom Apartment with bathroom, kitchen, floor, garden. The apartment is fully furnished. Every room with bed, cabinet, TV, Internet. Also the kitchen is fully equiped with oven, table, coffee maschine, etc. Also a washing maschine is avaiable for use.

Deposit 3 monthly rents.
The prices include everything such as gas, water, electronic, internet, etc. No additional costs.
Long and short time rentals possible.

1. Room
Approx 10qm. 320€ 
2. Room
Approx 10qm. 320€
Approx 13 qm. 350€

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  1. Dear incoming students,

    Please take a look at our Off-Campus Housing Guide and the listings on Schwarzes Brett first instead of just posting your request here. Gauchan, Jayanta is happy to answer general questions but provides one-on-one search help only in cases of emergencies.

    Thanks for your understanding.

  2. Hello, I would like to rent a room for the month of June alone. Any offers?

  3. Anonymous

    Hi, I am an spanish 28 years old. I am looking for a room in a shared apartment with kitchen and bathroom from the 1st November 2012 to 1 march 2013 I'm a friendly kind of person and I'm looking for nice roommates! You can send me an e-mail at, if you have any offer.

  4. How to find the contact information of the offers?



    1. Due to the new confluence system, the layout has been changed a bit. To scroll the table and see the contact information as well, scroll down until the bottom of the table (not the page) and you will see a horizontal slider. If you still have problems, please let me know!

  5. Hi Marius,

    Can you please post the following information about a available room in my friend's house:

    A room (40qm) is available in a shared house from the middle of February. The house is located beside the train station of Hemelingen, just one stop (4 min) from Bremen central train station (Hbf).

    It is a house project for 8 students. We are interested in gerdens, terraristic, visual art and some of us like to make music (piano, Guitar, Flut, Drums). We have a big community room where we meet and where there is space to make something together, but of couse you will finde space for yourself, as well.

    Cold rent: 250 EUR plus the utilities charge. Partially furnished. A good time to come around would be the 09.01, 12.01 or the 13.01.

    Contact: Wiebke Knäpper

    Phone: 0163163721



  6. Hi,

    The email ids given in a couple of recent posts are not working: emails bounce back from their inboxes.

    Here are the ids: ,


    1. Thank you for the notice!

      I will contact the respective persons and update the database with corrected email addresses as soon as possible.

  7. hello, my name is Watcharin

    I am looking for a free room, any offer!

    Thanks alot

    1. hi! Please check the offers on this page:

      The offer on top was just uploaded today, so hopefully you can get this offer!

      Best wishes,

      1. thank you so much, let me check

  8. Hi,

    I am looking for a one room studio apartment for the summer (June & July). Is anyone here renting such a property?

    ~ Salahuddin 

    1. Hello,

      Please look at the offers on the top which were recently uploaded. Unfortunately, most of them are apartment and room. Hopefully you get one of them! 
      Good luck!

      Kind regards,

  9. Hello,

    I am looking for a 40 - 50 m2 fully furnished individual apartment near Jacobs from 01-Dec-16. Please let me know if anyone has any information.


    Best regards

    Ankur Saikia

    1. Dear Ankur,

      All the offers that are available are listed on the website, and there will be offers added every now and then. Please check regularly for the offers that might be suitable for you. 

      All the best,