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The United Houses

Jacobs University subsidizes the costs for students living in the Yellow House, the Blue House and the Cigar-Manufacture. If living in one of these houses, you will be paying for the rent + costs, but you are not binded with a meal plan. Living in one of these houses also means you will joining a lively community. In the case of the Cigar-Manufactere, the idea behind this project is to bring together people of different age groups who would like to live together in an independent and self-reliant way, also in older age. The people living at there meet twice a month to discuss joint activities and organizational issues.

Unfortunately, most of the rooms are not available since students apply well in advance. Usually students who were already living there also continue staying in the rooms. To apply to one of these houses, check out the United Houses website and send an email to Antony Day ( to check availability. If you continue in the application process, you will have to email Mr. Day and/or the House Resident Associates with:

  • name and degree program
  • preferred house
  • a motivation statement on why you want to live there and what you can and will contribute to community life at the house of your preference

Check the respective house sites for exact info on the application process.

  • Also be on the look out throughout the year for vacancies on the Jacobs students list!
  • Please note that the Red house is closed, the Green House will reopen in September.

Cigar Manufacture

  • The GSA board also supported the preparations of the employment society BRAS of turning the former cigar factory in Burgdamm into a multi-generation housing facility.
  • Cigar Manufacture
  • Application for Living at the Cigar Manufacture
  • Location: Stader Landstraße 46 28719 Bremen
  • How to get there
    • Take the bus 71 to Gröpelingen, stop at Karl-Bröger-Straße(some 25 minutes from here), go to the end of Adelenstraße (see city map), enter the administration building ("Pflegeheim/Verwaltung").

 Blue House

  • There are three types of rooms here single, double and triple apartments. In the single apartments there is a bathroom and sometimes maybe a balcony. In the double apartments there are two separate rooms and the two students who will live there will share a bathroom. There are no kitchens but there are two silent study rooms. Approximate cost for a room plus all additional costs is 270 euros/month. There are also a couple of double apartments with small kitchen (2 single rooms, bathroom and a kitchen) and each room in this double apartments costs appx. 340 euros/month. The triple apartments have two rooms, one with 1 bed and the other with 2 beds. There is a bathroom to be shared among the residents. The room with 1 bed costs appx. 280 euros/month and the room with 2 beds costs 390 euros/month. Average cost for the room and all the extra costs is appx. 270-350 euros/month.
  • Large furnished rooms, TV, WLAN, two common rooms with kitchens, two silent study rooms, washing machines
  • Blue House
  • Location: Vegesacker Bahnhofsplatz 2 28757 Bremen

Yellow House

  • There are only few rooms, and it's rather difficult to get one there. The students who already live there decide who may or may not move in the house if there is a room available. Average cost of a room is 165 euros/month, but the prices range from 115 to 262 euros/month.
  • Yellow House
  • Location: Hammersbecker Str. 130 28755 Bremen

Green House

  • In this house there is a mix of 50-50 from male and female graduate students. There are 7 rooms available. Average cost of a single room is 220 euros/month and in the price all extra costs like electricity, heating, water, internet etc. are included. Each room has it's own bathroom, and all residents share a kitchen and a living room.
  • Location: Auf dem hohen Ufer 124 28759 Bremen
  • Green House
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