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New students follow this guide to transition to Jacobs life in 5 easy steps...

Step 1: Clear your schedule to attend O-Week 2009

  • Orientation week is August 25-September 1st and is a must for incoming graduates!
  • Meet other students, attend presentations on campus life, introductions to Bremen life, housing help available, join in university traditions. Some events are mandatory, i.e. you won't be able to access your university account if you don't attend.

Step 2: Get yourself a Graduate Mentor

  • Mentors are available for each incoming student to answer your burning questions or give you a tour around campus. It's a great way to arrive at Jacobs and already have a friendly face you can turn to. Visit this "Getting a Graduate Mentor" page to sign-up.

Step 3: Get ready for university life

  • Get the quick and dirty Facts! Note that Graduates make up 45% of student population. We're a research oriented university, after all.
  • Write to your group or project mates to get an understanding of how you need to be prepared academically (get in touch with your professor or program manager for contact info).
  • Take a look at Admin page for incoming students for info about billing, financial aid, student jobs, resident permits and all sorts of administrative matters you will need to address.
  • Get ready to get involved in the community. If you take a look at our Executive Board and Committee page, you will see several vacant positions. Look out for calls to fill these spots.
  • Get used to reading confluence (or Teamwork or Wiki) pages like this one. Almost all club and admin info is on one of the pages. And check out the IT page for some useful tech tips.

Step 4: Jump into Bremen life

  • Don't know German? Take advantage of the Language program at Jacobs, free with your admission!
  • Bremen has a rich and vibrant cultural atmosphere and a lively nightlife scene for students. Check out or pick up a Prinz for event/locale info. To induct you into the bar scene, we will be having a Pub Crawl during O-Week!
  • The way to really immerse yourself into German culture is to sign-up for a host family. Local families volunteer to help introduce students to the traditions and nuances of German life. At the very least, you can escape the serveries for a home cooked meal.

Step 5: Be prepared to be challenged

  • Your time at Jacobs, the 2 or 3 years you will spend here will undoubtedly influence your career and your life. In your first weeks here you will meet people from countries new to you, have new academic pressures, and not to mention you will be living in a new culture too. Whether you will be crushed by your coursework load or rise above the piling papers is up you. If you do feel stressed, just come by one of the Coffee Breaks to get some perspective from other students.

Additional information from the Graduate Students Association:

  • AIRPORT  OR TRAIN STATION PICKUP Fellow Graduate Students are willing to pick you up from the airport or train station should you need assistance getting to the University.  For more information please send your arrival information to GSA at

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