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Movies in German cinemas are usually dubbed. It is hard to find a place where original versions are screened. Movies shown in the original version with German subtitles are marked as "OmU", movies shown in the original version without subtitles are marked as "OF". New films come out each Thursday.

Cinemas that (occasionally) screen original versions:

The IUB Cinema (on campus); see email announcements for details.
City Film Theater, Birkenstr. 1, Tel. 16 53 100, (only 3-4 EUR per performance).
Cinemaxx, Breitenweg 27, Tel. 30 100, (one of the big cinema complexes).
Kino 46, Waller Heerstr.46, Tel. 38767-36,
Bremer Filmkunsttheater ( s creens both Hollywood productions and independent movies. It comprises three different cinemas: Schauburg (Vor dem Steintor 114, Tel. 792550) Atlantis (Böttcherstr. 4, Tel. 0421/32 45 46) and Gondel (Schwachhauser Heerstr. 207, Tel. 0421/21 48 42).
Note: These three cinemas have a joint film card, which is 99 euro for one year long. With this card you can go to these three cinemas any time you want for one year long. But most films are in German.

GSA has its own movie night also. And it's free

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