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Upon your arrival to Jacobs

If you arrive for Orientation Week 2009, on August 25 you can pick up your Welcome Package from the graduate Welcome Desk in Reimer Lüst Hall or after August 25th, from Peter Tsvetkov, graduate Registrar. The Welcome Package contains necessary documents for you to begin your studies, Student Agreement, IRC Use Agreement, etc., your semester ticket, enrollment certificate and your campus card.

  • Semester ticket
    The semester ticket is a personalized ticket for public transportation in and around Bremen. It is based on a contract with the Verkehrsverbund Bremen/Niedersachen GmbH and DB Regio AG. You will receive a new semester ticket each semester, given that you pay your bills on time. Follow the directions carefully to put the ticket together and if you have problems you can go to Tsvetkov, Peter for help. With it, you can travel on the trams, bus and second class regional trains of Bremen and the Metronom trains to Hamburg, Hannover and other close by places. The price for the Academic Year 2009/2010 is €187,80, automatically billed to your student account.
  • Proof of enrollment
    Along with your semester card, you will receive your Studentenausweis or student ID. This and the perforated enrollment certificates from your welcome package prove that you are matriculated at Jacobs. The certificates can be given out or mailed out to institutions asking for proof that you are a current student. Those students who are enrolled in joint university programs with Universität Bremen must get proof of enrollment at UniBremen from his or her program managers to be able to use the resources on that campus, i.e. getting a computer identity, checking out library materials.

    Tip: Laminate your student ID at the student run Pulse Express shop to make it more durable.

  • Campus Card
    Your Campus Card serves as your library card, copy card and severy card. You can load your Campus Card with cash (notes: 5€, 10€, 20€, 50€) at the terminal at the Porters. Please note there is a €10 fee if you lose it and there is no reimbursement of the cash on it lost.
  • CampusNet Login
    CampusNet is the administrative software used for the administration of general student data, course registration, grade submission and publication, the administration of student jobs as well as course and room administration and can be accessed at this web address: If you are off-campus, you can login to CampusNet using a VPN connection (you must download the software).

Reimer Lüst Hall

  • For visas, health insurance, enrollment issues, transcripts, semester tickets and campus cards, head over to room 117 for the Registrar's Office.
  • Student Account and scholarship issues to Student Financial services, your contact person is dependent on your last name (check here)
  • Counseling Center] is located in rooms 125-127 and provides free and confidential counseling, group counseling, workshops, outreach activities, referral services, and self-help materials.
  • Career Service Center provides an array of services that can help you identify your interests and abilities, learn about career options, acquire practical experience, and prepare yourself for your next steps after Jacobs University. They offer individual career guidance, graduate school support, professional development seminars, workshops and employer interaction to the student body. Located in room 130-132.
  • Office of the Dean Directors: the assistants to the Deans are the first point of contact to the Deans. The Directors of the Offices are: Dr. Anke-Maria Allner (RLH 200) for the School of Engineering and Science, Dr. Freia Hardt (RLH 280) for the School of Humanities and Social Sciences, and Dr. Friedrich Kahrs (Research V) for the Jacobs Center on Lifelong Learning and Institutional Development.
  • The Campus Jobs Office handles student work contracts and manages all job postings.

Student Jobs

Student jobs are usually available for graduate students (though scarce) and usually include such tasks as helping professors with their own research (i.e. doing literature review, translating texts, etc.), being a TA (teaching assistant) or SA (student assistant) for a class, or they can also be in the area of university administration. Please keep in mind that the open jobs list can only be accessed via our own internal system (CampusNet), for which you would need your user ID and respective password.

Some opportunities are also available at the University of Bremen, but they usually require good command of the German language. Please visit their website at:

Paying your bills

Your Student Account is your university bill, tuition, university fee and semester ticket are all charged to it, scholarships are credited to it. Student Financial Services can help you answer your questions about the bill. Check out the Payment and Financial Aid Handbook for policy detail.

University Fee?

Master and PhD-Students at Jacobs University are required to pay a university fee of €60 and €50 respectively per semester. The fee is due before the beginning of the semester and does not include the fee for the semester ticket, but covers other services like the government fee (which goes to GSA), the liability insurance, the graduation fees, clubs and sports activities etc. Please look here for more FAQ.

Academic Policies

Besides Federal German law and Bremen State law, several university policies govern you as a student at Jacobs. For those graduates admitted after December 14, 2005, the procedures for administering graduate programs can be found here and describes student basics and rights. Other policies include, Anti-Sexual Harassment Code, Appropriate Use of Computer Resources policy and all students must sign the Code of Academic Integrity at the Matriculation Ceremony. Recently, staff, faculty and students have begun to discuss the ethical principles of conduct for life in the Jacobs University community. This discussion aims to develop a Code of Community Standards with rules and recommendations for the conduct with other people within and outside the community. Please note that if you break any university policies you will be subject to discipline by the (ad hoc) Disciplinary Board. The GSA also have a founding documents, the Charta, which is currently under revision.


Food on Campus

College residents have three meals a day at the college severies and get a daily balance of 12,66€ every night on the mealplan account. You will get this daily balance every day - doesn´t matter if you are on plan to eat off-campus the next day. There is no chance to get the rest of the mealplan account in cash at the end of the semester when your Mealplan be deleted.

Non-residents are welcome to use the college serveries as well for pay as you 'eat' costs using the Campus Card. The typical dinner cost €5 and plan ahead by loading your Campus Card at the Porter's. The GSA Executive Board is currently working on a graduate meal plan that may be subsidized.

Don't like Aramark? Then you can stop by the Friseur café for a cheap lunch, open from 8:00-18:00 (though no hot food after 17:00). There is also a coffee corner currently under construction in the Campus Center, which will provide gourmet coffee and pastries.

Lastly, you can always bring a bag lunch as all of the Research buildings have kitchens equipped with microwaves and sinks. There are even some secret kitchens with an oven. Make friends with those research groups with espresso makers for free coffee. And make sure to attend on campus events, like the Jacobs Lecture Series, as these things are always nicely catered.

Coffee Breaks

Speaking of free coffee, the GSA has two Coffee Breaks a week, Mondays and Wednesday at 13:00-14:30 in the GSA Lounge where your first cup (of coffee, tea, or soft drink) and cookies are free!



GSA Lounge


University Gym

Jacobs University has several outdoor sports courts and a fitness studio equipped with a good selection of cardio and weightlifting machines. For only 10€ per semester you can become a member. This also allows you to participate in the Aerobics class taking place there several times a week.

Clubs on Campus


The porters are the security personnel at Jacobs University. Please report any suspicious activities on campus to them! They have a first-aid training and are therefore the persons you should notify first in an emergency. Just dial ext. 4800 from any campus phone to reach them.

IT support

If you have any problems with your office computer, write an email to (mailto: or visit IT Support in the Campus Center. Their office is in room CC 3-256 and they post opening hours here. You can also sometimes get help with your private laptop from the student IT help desk located by the East Wing entrance in the IRC.

Also have a look at the IT Support confluence page for information about getting VPN access, IT policies and other IT related materials. VPN access is especially useful as it allows you to access Jacobs campus web resources while off-campus. New students should immeadaiately consult their IT guide.

For problems with your office or college room telephone, please contact Hermann Bischoff, Room CC 3-256.

Useful links and numbers

Porters - ext. 4800
About Bremen:
Public transport in Bremen:
Train connections in Germany:
Yellow book: 

Off-campus life


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