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Ksenia is first year Master's student in International Relations - Global Governance and Social Theory

Dear Graduate Community,

for those of you who could not make it on Wednesday for the GSA Assembly, I would like to introduce myself briefly.
I come from Mexico, where I studied my Bachelor in International Relations. Right now I am a Graduate Student of the MA International Relations Global Governance and Social Theory at Jacobs University.

My main motivation for running for the position of Secretary of the GSA is that I want to get to know the Graduate Community better and find new ways to integrate it and to bring the best service to it (either by organizing academic and social events, by participating in the allocation of funding, etc.). I have experience in working with the student community of my home University, where I was in charge of organizing a Diploma Course on European Integration, a European Week and two bi-weekly electronic journals. Furthermore, I am a very organized person, that can cope with stressful situations.

Since this is my first year at Jacobs, I have of course a lot to learn about the functioning of the GSA and about the needs of the Graduates. But I am very eager to take this challenge, of course with your help and participation. I look forward to listening to your proposals, your experiences and your problems, and to do as much as I can for the achievement of the best results in every issue. I have experienced and seen the results of the Orientation Week 2009 and of the Mentor Program and would very much like to continue with such helpful Programs, as well as creating new ones.

I invite you all to evaluate the positions of the candidates and to vote before midnight October 2nd! If you have any questions or comments you can contact me at this e-mail address.

Best regards,

Ksenia Pacheco Trynkina
Graduate Student
MA International Relations Global Governance and Social Theory
Jacobs University/Universität Bremen

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