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The Lounge is the home of the GSA. This is where the official Board Meetings and most of the graduate parties take place. The Lounge consists of two common rooms (The Lounge and The Other Room) and a bar area within the other room.

Renting the Lounge

Please note that the GSA lounge will not be rented out while another party is going on in the SAC (ie. Blue Lounge or H3). This is to insure that if there are any damages to the Student Activities Center, no confusion becomes apparent between the hosts. These rooms can be rented by graduate students for private events and parties. For renting the lounge, you need to pay a deposit of 100 €, which will be given back to you if you return the Lounge and SAC in its usual state.

What's Included?

Renting itself is free and includes the GSA Lounge, the aisle, and the bathroom (but not The Other Room). Please bring your own drinks; a fridge for keeping them cool is available. There is also a CD-/DVD-/MP3-Player available for playing your music. (Sorry, the projector is not available right now!)

How to Apply

If you would like to rent the Lounge, please email at least one full week in advance. We will then let you know whether the Lounge is free for the required date and if it is, we will arrange for someone to meet you before and after your party to check on the status of the lounge, to handle the deposit, and to give you the keys and fill out the required forms.

In the meantime, you can check if the Lounge is free by looking at the calendar.

Leaving the Lounge

Please make sure that the Lounge and the Student Activities Center (this includes all bathrooms, stairs, etc.) is properly cleaned after the party or event, and that all litter is removed.

Social Events

We organize social events in the GSA Lounge as well as other locations on and off campus, including Movie Night, board game night, or something similar. On this evening, graduate students can drop by, chat and relax from their work. Beer, wine and soft drinks can be purchased at friendly student prices.

Where to find the GSA Lounge:

The GSA Lounge is located in the Student Center (SC) next to the Seminar Halls on Lürssen Plaza.

After entering the SC you first turn left and proceed to the end of the hallway. Then you take the stairs up one flight and turn left again for the entrance to the Lounge.

The phone number of the lounge is 5264.