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  • Meeting 2006 December 07
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Original Minutes (PDF)

  • Time: 18:30
  • Location: GSA Lounge


This is the final version of the agenda, including topics/motions added just before or at the beginning of the meeting. The version that was announced three days before the meeting can be found in the


  1. Funding applications
  2. Budget overview
  3. Working space and printing access for MA students - short update
  4. Career services for grads - short update
  5. Renovation of the Lounge
  6. Teaching evaluation committee graduate representative
  7. Christmas party organization
  8. Rock party organization



  • GSA Board Members:
    1. Martin Noack
    2. Magda Narozniak
    3. Jenny Paturyan
    4. Christoph Lange
    5. Marcella Orwick
  • Guests (list of full names with their school affiliation; if they are representatives of clubs
    or committees such information is registered as well)
    1. Denitca (Business Law Club)
    2. Mihai (Business Law Club)
  • Minutes taken by: Jenny Paturyan


(in the order of the agenda)

  1. Funding Requests
    • Business Law Club funding application: 300 euros for books, advertisement event, inviting a guest lecture and beamer rental.
      • Question from Marcella: why not ask for some money from undergraduate student government, since most of the people are undergraduates?
      • Martin, Marcella and Magda: apply to undergraduates for at least part of money for the books. GSA will give you 50 euros for the reception. This variant is accepted by the board.
    • Funding application for the MAIR final party: 300 euros. Unanimously in favor.
    • Application form for Self-Defense Club farewell get-together (the club founder/main instructor is leaving): 25 euros unanimously in favor.
  2. ...
  3. Working space and printing access for MA students: no news yet
  4. Career services for graduates - short update. Very few answers yet. Spam again.
  5. ...
  6. Teaching evaluation committee graduate representative - no grad representative from SES. Jenny to send one more e-mail to all the graduates.
  7. Christmas Party: things to be done - masks; room decoration, shopping. We need a DJ. Ball music. Thursday 11 - go shopping, meet at JCLL.
  8. Rock party organization. Jenny asks for organizers

Miscellaneous: BRAS project update: Martin. So far one meeting with people who are interested in living there. They make the rules and regulations and so on.


Official Decisions



Votes (Yes/No/Abst.)

Justification (Charta)

Business law club

Funding business law club




Funding MAIR final party



Self-defense club

Funding farewell get-together













Ongoings after this meeting

Next Meeting

January 16

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