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  • Meeting 2007 March 01
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  1. Organizational issues:
    • duties, responsibilities
    • meetings (how often)
    • Old board:
      • briefing in administration of GSA
      • up-dating ( furniture, Diploma makeover, following up on previous projects and hand overs, etc)
  2. The Owe Book - agreed on, decision for the format
  3. Communication issues:
    • minutes format
    • Transparency issues and discussion
    • Forums (wiki space)
  4. Miscellaneous
    • Charta discussion
    • AC meeting
    • Lounge booking procedure and clean up issues


  1. Organisational issues:
    • Responsibilities, duties: suggestion to make the minutes takers on round turns. All agreed to rotations system on minutes taking. (This meeting: Ardita)
    • Discussion on the GSA Lounge booking and how will the liability on the damage will be taken.
      • The exact guideline and policy on the booking, and the fines. suggestion to clear policy for how to handel the smoking issue in the lounge, and the damage.
      • putting signs suggested.
    • the e-mails to the GSA list will be answered by the first person and Cc the board and deal with the issue within 3 days if we don't have an immediate answer.
    • the document that what is not a duty of GSA should be complied.
    • meeting: How often?
      • Darya: twice a month at the beginning until we take over the whole thing. Also contact the others who had the respective postions before, and have tasks flow better.
      • March: 2 meetings agreed.
    • old GSA:
      • the key of the mailbox Jenny gave. other documents on who is who at the university administration. up-date on the previous activities of the GSA (Walkthrough, working space for MA students); AC wants to meet the new board.
      • decided to attend the meeting (with Alexander Ziegler-Jöns)
      • Archive of the GSA: do we have it?
        • Jenny: old folder with a CD, pretty bad situation. Jenny will provide with the electronic of the version previous board. Christoph will put everything to the Wiki space, and look the other room for the folder.
      • Projects: working space in IRC: Rakina will company Jenny for this project
        • Marcella and Magda want to follow with the diploma issue (Yana might be interested);
      • Furniture: not all here; other things that need to get here; Magda + Marcella + Martin work on it, and want an OK from us,
      • Work group on the off-campus housing issues: Jenny is working on this,
        • The college 4 issue for the clubs that are going to be closed. Contact the club leaders of those places, and try to get the other rooms. Try Marita Hartnack first for the issue. The rooms are available at the cellar of the Jacobs center, the faculty club the top floor. Jenny wants to be on the group that works with this issue.
        • Franziska suggests that we request the official plan of the university for the development, and if they have suggestion for the issue.
      • giving students non medical excuses. The Student government will need to support it; absentees for tournaments, etc.
  2. Owe book:
    • The board on the moment puts the oath, and everyone signs down, the second half of the book old GSA members voluntarily write down things that they feel like putting. The Owe book writing, Christoph will do it; Chunli will hold on the book.
  3. Communication:
    • meeting minutes format: agreed on the action points (who's in charge with what?); Christoph will correct it; and update the issue.
    • voting: vote through the internet for issues; for urgent cases - Jenny: not really good, cause there it will not be discussion and the community will not know. During the discussion internet voting is not seen as a good idea, and that there should be a clear policy that there will be that there is going to be one month delay.
    • Forums (wiki space): the actual forums of the IUB; how can we put it back to use. use a devision between the system. Christoph will work on the weekend. Wiki space will help in minutes and official documents. Rakina suggests that we need to stick to one, and not confuse the people where to get info for the board. Christoph will check and see how wiki space can respond to our needs. Franziska suggests that we get a second opinion on the program (wiki), and that we should have to have another system working as well in case that one of the systems will be available. Next GSA meeting Christoph will do an briefing for the Wiki and the usage.
    • Transparency issues: Yuliya follows up on the issues from the GA, clearing and structuring on the transparency issue; financial issues; how the decisions are taken; suggestions to form the committees for discussion of the issues.
      • send an e-mail to the community to ask who will want to work on the working group; how big - first meeting might be big, but the further will be small; open to everyone and see who will it continue.
      • Jenny suggest focus group, and wide public discussion; and all the meeting things are put there.
      • calling for people who want to be involved; Yuliya agreed to be in charge of the organisation and will be in close touch with Ardita.
      • Make a list of all things approved (Pedro); Once that there is a binding power, and makes it easy to spot to it.
      • Board agreed on the working groups.
  4. Misc
    • AC meeting March 8th (confirmed by Chunli, and Christoph, Yana needs to be checked)
    • Yuliya: suggested that we reply to admin, and close that they now that we are fast in reacting.
    • Chunli: suggest that the replies are done immediately.
    • Franziska: DAAD issue asked about, the current board did not do a follow up on it since it was a process of formation.
    • Christoph: misunderstanding with the DAAD issue because the current graduate housing project was on progress, it was not new.
    • Franziska: DAAD issue missed for the GSA last year.
    • Jenny: Dr. Gohr did not get in touch with the old board last year.
    • The current board can prepare the base for next year's application process, if it is already an annual program that come up every year.
    • Yuliya: the GSA's role as the body should be also seen as seriously.
    • Marcella: suggested that we get back to her, and ask the next time to get 2 months notice, and it will be better.
  5. Attendants
    • Current board: Ardita Zekiri, Darya Belkina, Rakina Yaneva, Nesrin Hasan, Christoph Lange, Chunli Zhao
    • Graduates: Jenny Paturyan, Marcella Orwick, Yuliya Salauyova, Pedro Mendes, Franziska Deutsch


  • Approved working groups for transparency issues (clearing and structuring on the transparency issue, financial issues, how the decisions are taken, suggestions to form the committees for discussion of the issues)

Ongoings after this meeting

  • Tue Mar 6: Decided to fund Investment Club's trip to Frankfurt (applicant: Algirdas Grybas) with 100 € in total.
    • 4 votes in favor, 1 abstained, 1 absent
    • Note: the club applied for 400 €, but there are only a few graduates taking part, and the trip should have been announced in an even more public way.
    • Reason for supporting it anyway: In principle, it's a good thing (e.g. regarding the image of Jacobs' Graduates in the business world)


  1. Anonymous

    Guys, still waiking for being contacted about the tearing down of the club facilities for building college 4 (wink)

  2. That was me by the way, forgot to log in. Serkan

  3. Very good start with the website!
    I second Sercan. I know you have a bunch of things on your hands, but let's get started. Who from the Board wants to supervise this issue? I can ask the undergraduate student government if anyone from them is already working on it, get the dance club people in and ask Marita for the first meeting sometime next week.