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  • Meeting 2007 March 15
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This is the final version of the agenda, including topics/motions added just before or at the beginning of the meeting. The version that was announced three days before the meeting can be found in the


  1. Check in -check out policy for renting the GSA Lounge
  2. Integration of GSA and Student Court (as discussed with Alexander Ziegler-Jöns and Marita Hartnack on March 8)
  3. Up-date on working groups for the Charta changes
  4. Report from the Food Committee meeting
  5. Report from the meeting with the Faculty Council (most likely during the FC Lunch on Thursday, 13h)
  6. Meeting with Academic Council on March 27 (10:30-11:30h)- (check the availability of the current board)
  7. Access to Research Buildings for MA students (suggested by Mikhail)
  8. Music/dancing/training room issue
  9. On-campus room allocation round
  10. Graduate of the year award
  11. Short Introduction to the Confluence Wiki (Christoph)
  12. Miscellaneous:
    • Journal presentation (Bilyana Tsvetkovska)
    • Environmental campaign for Bulgaria (Peter Rashkov)


  • GSA Board Members: Chunli, Rakina, Ardita, Christoph, Nesrin
    • absent: Yana (away), Darya (ill)
  • GSA Council Members: none
  • Guests (list of full names with their school affiliation; if they are representatives of clubs
    or committees such information is registered as well)
    1. Jenny (SES, former board member)
    2. Yuliya (SHSS, former board member)
    3. Peter (SES, Environmental campaign for Bulgaria)
  • Minutes taken by: Christoph Lange


(in the order of the agenda)

  1. Check in-check out policy for renting the GSA Lounge
    • Rakina: impression that there is a high percentage of undergraduates there when the Lounge is rented, just some graduates they need for the application (issue is addressed in the proposed policy)
    • the fridge in the lounge does not seem to work any more (for a longer time, not just since the last party)
    • Discussion of the proposed policy and legal steps in case of a violation
    • Ardita: measure on what to do when furniture is damaged should be included in the policy
    • Jenny: Don't return the (whole) deposit until everything is fixed
      • By the way, if damage is > 100€, administration must take care of the issue
    • check list
      • if something is not OK, mark it
    • Note in the contract: if somebody refuses to repair sth., the deposit will be kept. For greater damages, explicitly mention administration (see above)
    • Need to find a 2nd person for doing the check-in/-out together with Rakina (ask volunteer from graduate community - suggestions: Martin, Marcella, Magda?), preferably one living on/near campus.
      • Jenny: how about several people?
    • Rakina: ideas for continuing the Movie Night. Wednesday apparently inconvenient for some people, how about Friday?
      • Jenny: just set a date, and shift it from time to time.
  2. Integration of GSA and Student Court (as discussed with Alexander Ziegler-Jöns and Marita Hartnack on March 8)
    • idea of AZJ and MH: maybe two student judges.
    • Yuliya: was on the agenda of the first board. Problem: even graduate students living off-campus would be subject of court trials.
    • Jenny: for the past year, the court has not done much. Before: noise and offensive mails, breaking house rules, damage in the serveries
    • Chunli: blue/yellow house already have their own rules
    • Jenny: grad students needn't be "protected" from admin by a court, they can face directly with the admin
    • Yuliya: court trials considered too much like playing with power by the first GSA board, not professional enough
    • Jenny: Carefully consider whether we want to participate! (same advice was given during meeting with FC)
    • How many issues have already been with graduates on campus?
      • Jenny: So far, just one - drug dealing. Would have been handled by the court in the case of an undergraduate. GSA board did not want to defend that graduate student, directly transferred him to the admin instead.
      • anyway, admin can approach the board in such a case
    • We should be prepared for a proposal for integration of the GSA board and the parliament
      • Has it been tried before?
      • Yuliya: History: in the beginning, graduates had no support at all
      • (vice-)presidents suggested a graduate representation as a part of the parliament, but the community was not satisfied with that. AZJ supported the idea of an own GSA, but suggested participation in the court from the beginning. Official acknowledgment of the GSA took some 2-3 years, though.
      • Today, the AC might like a simpler overall "constitution"
    • Find out more about the court!
      • E.g. talk to the student judges (e.g. Ian Beacock, is a judge)
      • Jenny: Contact USG for the contact to student court Diana Branduse (d.branduse) and Ciprian Gal (
  3. Up-date on working groups for the Charta changes
    • Idea: implement transition period of one month for easier takeover of the offices from old to new board
    • Ardita: suggest community discussion! Find out what the grad. students think: "Do you want to be subjected to the (undergraduate) judges?"
    • Yuliya: got two replies: Besides Yuliya, Franzi, and Pedro, Jenny will work on the charta, Marcella on the financial things
      • Still need more feedback. Post more questions to the community on the forum.
      • Meetings of the group should be open
      • When the work groups have finished, call for an assembly
      • Keep student court integration in mind (assembly must decide!)
  4. Report from the Food Committee meeting
    • speed survey: prices, quality of the food.
    • demand for a small shop (competition is also an important issue)
    • allow for card payment at Friseur and Pulse Shop
    • Propose to food committee: sandwiches, small salads for grads missing lunch time. If impossible, try to support Pulse shop
    • Ardita: grads in college are always in the meal plan, even if they don't want.
  5. Report from the meeting with the Faculty Council (during the FC Lunch on Thursday, 13h)
    • Always Tue 18:45 in the club, Thu 13:00 lunch @ Krupp
    • Attendants: Chunli, Nesrin, Rakina, Ardita, Christoph
    • working space for SHSS MA students
    • Talked about student government and GSA
    • Diploma Issue: faculty is aware of that now, will support us
    • Copyright issues for publishing cumulated Ph.D. theses
      • IRC can organize an ISBN
    • program representatives: programs can have representatives.
      • active ones: Hamed Bastani, Darya was a PR.
      • Call for new volunteers
  6. Meeting with Academic Council on March 27 (10:30-11:30h)- (check the availability of the current board)
    • Ph.D. defense in the own is a reason to miss that meeting
  7. Access to Research Buildings for MA students who have offices (suggested by Mikhail)
    • transponder access: ask facility keep on the agenda for next meeting
    • Individuals should solve it on their own, first talk to their team assistants
  8. Music/dancing/training room issue
    • will be torn down
    • available as a part of college 4 once it's finished (one year later)
    • What's gonna happen in the meantime?
      • Where to store equipment?
      • What to do?
      • GSA needs to do something
    • Darya was involved in the meeting on behalf of graduate housing
    • Jenny and Ardita will lobby for the clubs' interests
  9. On-campus room allocation round (Jenny)
    • 30 rooms in colleges for graduates, applications handled by the board (Ravi Rathnam could do it)
    • contract is for one semester, but you can also stay longer, or cancel it every month
    • graduates will be moved in the summer break
  10. Graduate of the year award (Jenny)
    • Collect applications, form committee (usually, the assistants to the deans), GSA steers the whole process. Community nominates, provides information about the nominees to the committee. Depends on academic achievements and social work.
  11. Short Introduction to the Confluence Wiki (Christoph)
    • Next time, when everyone is there
    • For now: internal space created, move announced on old homepage, ask Christoph in case of any problems.
  12. Miscellaneous:
    • SHSS Journal presentation (Bilyana Tsvetkovska)
      • (platform for unpublished research papers, short articles (2,000 words), reviewed by professors, printed here)
      • absent; Ardita: Bilyana wants one person from the GSA board to help her, to make it endure after she graduated.
      • Ask community: Who wants to get involved?
      • Jenny: Maybe turn it into something like a club?
    • Environmental campaign for Bulgaria (funding request, Peter Rashkov)
      • money for postage/stamps needed urgently
      • can't vote formally now. Proposal: informal agreement (all in favor), promise to fund it, formally vote later


Official Decisions

(none, postponed formal decision about Bulgarian Environmental Campaign to next meeting)





program representatives: call for applications/nominations


next week




Ongoings after this meeting

Next Meeting


  1. A suggestion: access to respective Research buildings for MA students. Since we do now have working space, computer and printer access and some (like myself) work until very late - it is quite discouraging to not be able to enter the workspace legally assigned to me. If someone abused such access, they need to be fined and forbidden further such access, not everyone should suffer the penalty for their actions (though I frankly don't know the reason, why this access was taken away).

  2. Still waiting for something to "happen" on the clubs front. We all know: Will be torn down, built anew in a year, blah blah. But the point is really whether we can follow this through. We need to make it clear that these facilities are needed, and we need replacement rooms for this one year. Also, we need to be informed about and involved in the decisions for the design of the new facilities. Otherwise, we'll have people who've never entered a studio or never danced in their lives designing and affecting the way the music room/studio and the dancing room. And we need to act FAST! Things are moving fast on the admin's side, from still thinking, not sure, planning, to tearing it down this summer, things have moved pretty fast.

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