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  • Meeting 2007 May 10
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  • Time: 19:30
  • Location: GSA Lounge


This is the final version of the agenda, including topics/motions added just before or at the beginning of the meeting. The version that was announced three days before the meeting can be found in the


  1. Student government/campus activities fee: a point taken up by Dipendra again: "... if any of the graduate student does not want to make donation towards
    GSA and want his fees remain with campus activity authority, but this kind of question was never discussed before , though some of the graduate students raised the point of lack of financial support from GSA for educational activity before ( conferences , university visits) ..."
  2. Points from Juliya: (1) GSA should try to clarify university's job policy, (2) The international character of university (3) Language aspect of the dissertation (4) Academic policy for phd students (Chunli is going to answer this question)
  3. The survey on needs for career fairs. (Chunli)
  4. Business cards for students - need to raise issue again (Christoph)
  5. Graduate Student of the Year - when and how? which policies of including/excluding current members of the GSA? (Yana in charge of organizing, updated info)
  6. Chose a GSA representative for Committee for the President's Award for Community Involvement.  
  7. GSA PR - printed newsletter, posters, formalizing GSA's policy - condition for the applicants to include GSA in their advertising materials once they get money from the GSA (Darya? Yana)
  8. ODC request for funding_2.doc (Calculated Budget)
  9. Graduation Ball Funding request - update, voting
  10. Recruiting substitutes and/or additional volunteers (Rakina, Christoph)
    • Problem: for real susbstitutes, we'd need an extraordinary assembly, which is almost impossible. It might be easier to recruit volunteers for certain projects, but first, our responsibilities must be clear (see above). --Lange, Christoph
  11. Integration with Student Court (Chunli, Christoph, Rakina)
  12. Summer stay on Campus - solved
  13. Who can attend the College IV meeting on Friday?
  14. GSA mailing lists will be renamed upon our request
  15. Incoming students:
    • on-campus housing application form online
    • Will setup a welcome text: They shall subscribe to iub-gsa-news, introduce themselves (name, living on/off campus, nation, major), and will receive news
  16. Suggestions for improving the Movie Night: more advertising, let students vote.
  17. Advertise Election on Sunday (cf. mail from some undergraduates)?

Please be efficient! (thumbs up)


  • GSA Board Members:
  • GSA Council Members:
  • Guests (list of full names with their school affiliation; if they are representatives of clubs
    or committees such information is registered as well)
  • Minutes taken by: Name


(in the order of the agenda)

  1.  Graduation Ball 2007

 2000 Euro would be a reasonable contribution to the GSA image. GSA is expected to be mentioned a lot and that would raise graduate community awareness of our graduate organization.

Voting for the support of the event: Darya, Magdalena, Yana, Christoph, Nesrin, Rakina, Chunli in favour.

Voting for 2000€ support: all people above voted for an approval of this sum, Ardita was absent.

      2. ODC funding request:

Clarification of the reapplication was given by the member of the ODC who is the GSA Board Member. The Justification is that the ODC did not have a proper initial estimate of the expenses they were going to spend. After certain recalculation the ODC came up with an additional amount of 100 €. The ODC decided to reapply and give this reason for its application for funding.

Discussion: the issue of the impartiality.  

Voting results:

For the project - Christoph, Rakina, Chunli, Nesrin, Magdalena, Yana in favor of the project

Approval of 100€: Yana -abstained, Rakina - abstained, Chunli, Christoph, Nesrin, Magdalena - supported. Decision is positive.

 3. Yuliya Salauyova: 

1)Academic Job Policy

Students who became graduates were hired but without final call officially announced.

How fair is it for the commerce of the university? Yuliya has made some research on the issue. There is a contradiction of the policy of the employment when the position is taken beforehand by the undegraduates who became graduates and there is no official job posting for other public about the vacancy.

The policy of a call for application for the undegraduates of the 1st year only. Discrepancy - if a qualification is needed then what kind of qualification is that with the undegrads of the 1st year?

Rakina: probably because undegrads have to pay big loans.

Chunli: What's the purpose of the campus job? to help students to sustain their lives?

Yuliya: Administration should inform incoming students about job policies.

We should add some information on jobs for incoming students on the GSA site.  

Clarification of the job policies - Yuliya will provide all information upon a request.

2) Another concern - facilitate administration communication in English. Certain discussion could be started to make English a general speaking policy. GSA would need to take this responsibility. Policies with the registration office. Ulrike Jeschke could be a right person to communicate these things. Transparency of the administration is an important starting point for that.

3) Academic policy for PhD students - the policy should clearly state language issues: English or German? Should a thesis be written only in English, what justification can be for those theses written in German or any other language? More clear cut policy on the languages on which theses should be written. There are some certain allowances for theses written in German - what kind of a justification is there?

4. Florian: Cultural differences, intercultural communication.

5. Rakina: Housing project. Cigaretter Fabric was renovated (located between Burg and Lesum). The idea is that Germans and IUB students could live together.  This project will be ready by the 1st of October.  Each Friday there is a meeting where different interests are discussed. They have created special spaces with washing machines and driers, rooms for students. First thing to do is to spam to the graduate community and then if there is an interest,  to develop this issue further on. Christoph and Rakina will go there this Friday to find out about the application procedure, conditions, prices and etc.

Rakina: Orientation week. Arrangement of the theatre visits on a reduced price or smth else, that DAAD is interested to sponsor. The GSA should come up with some project about that. Chunli is willing to be responsible for the information/welcome desk. The Board has divided the responsibilities among themselves on different kinds of responsibilities and tasks to prepare before the orientation week.

6. GSA PR - GSA leaflet is planned to be formatted, edited and released within the nearest weeks.

7. Students government/ camous activity fees. Nothing can be changed really. As far as the person who complained never came  to the GSA Board meeting the issue was not really discussed.

8. Carrier services. Chunli: an official common letter (together with the OSCEP) to the Vice-President is being composed now to get a necessary funding for the project. Some results from the surveys in numbers: 1/3 of students will go to the labour market, 1/3 is not decided, 1/3 will continue with the PhD. 80% of students do not know that carieer services are not available to the graduate students. Chunli wants to create the web site on the GSA wiki space with the announcement of jobs and other information from the OSCEP. Christoph: practical comment - missed the schedule  how students should develop their carrier, on which stage of their studies they should develop their carrier plan. it was aimed only at the undergraduate students and not at graduate students.

9. Business cards. Christoph: probably the business card is more useful for PhD students.  Chunli: We as a student body probably could ask for the permission to use the logo of the university and to print it by ourselves. Christoph: we considered the possibility to ask the university to print them for us.

10. The Graduate Student of the Year

Deadlines for the nominations: conventional deadline - 18th of May

Deadlines for the committee to decide: approx. 23rd, 24th to decide,  25th to announce.

Discussion - how could we justify the nomination of the GSA Board member. 


- academic excellence

- social activism:

Yana: Setting up the list of the criteria and sending it one by one to the GSA members. 

11.  Substitutes and additional volunteers

If we want to organize an additional project we can call for volunteers. Improvement of the internal efficiency, PR will help us in that.

Substitutes - can not get before the GA. But there could be unofficial substitutes like in former GSA practice. 

12. Changing GSA logo. Christoph will find out how to do it and will update us on that.

 13. Integration into the Student Court. We do want to integrate graduate students into the court. Actually no choice. If we do not integrate into the Court we will be disadvantaged. Chunli: the Code of Conduct is being formed at the moment. Graduates have to contribute with their own opinion and view on that for their opinion not to be missed. Marita Hartnack wants to apply the conduct to all students and at the later stage the stuff. Currently whenever there is a graduate violate the code the issue is taken to the  Vice-president. Admin. asked for GSA to deal with the graduate violation.

Christoph: The advantage of the graduates to participate in that system is that the conflicts can be solved easier by the mediation and discussions. Suggests to participate with the undegraduate court? We should start with the proportional representation of the judges proportionally to the N of graduate students living on campus? When there is a trial of the graduate involved than there is should be a judge from the graduate community to judge?

Magda: what about undergrads, how open are they to the judges from the grads? 

Christoph: if we decide to participate in the court we have to come up with the regulations and guidelines and to prepare for the GA and to advertise it beforehand.

Magda: you wanna a graduate to charge on the Court

Chunli: the Administration would like us to join the Court making it easier to administer us. 

14. Summer stay on campus. Ardita solved the issue. The issue is placed on our homepage by Christoph. One form is for students who are here and want to apply for the next semester and also one for incoming students.  

15. Improvement of movie nights: movies for choice and for voting to choose

16. Sunday elections. all EU citizens are allowed to vote, GSA will encourage graduate community to use their right to vote. Spamming spamming spamming.


Official Decisions



Votes (Yes/No/Abst.)

Justification (Charta)



















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