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  • Meeting 2007 September 17
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  • Time: 17:30
  • Location: GSA Lounge


  1. General Assembly - when?
  2. Charta Changes
  3. The University Fee
  4. On campus accommodation problems
  5. Excursions- progress
  6. GSA and Olimpix
  7. Finances until the election takes place- who?
  8. Student court integration


  • GSA Board Members:
    1. Christoph Lange
    2. Ardita Zekiri
    3. Chunli Zhao
  • GSA Council Members:
  • Guests (list of full names with their school affiliation; if they are representatives of clubs or committees such information is registered as well)
    1. Yuliya Salauyova (charta work group)
    2. Ştefan Anca (SES)
  • Minutes taken by: Christoph Lange


(in the order of the agenda)

  1. General Assembly - when?
    1. September does not work for the current board members.
    2. Wednesday October 10th, 19:00h
    3. Nomination deadline: September 30th
    4. Absentee voting deadline: October 8th, 13:00h
    5. Agenda:
      1. report about the last semester, including budget, call for new projects
        1. Chunli is going to draft slides and send them to the board members
      2. votes:
        1. board members
        2. charta changes
        3. court integration
    6. send e-mails about general assembly, charta, court before
  2. Charta Changes
    1. studied current draft (before summer break)
    2. next work group meeting: September 18th
    3. discussions
      1. should people who are both member of a club and member of the GSA board be required to abstain from votes relevant to that club (e.g. funding applications)?
      2. implement transition period, where old board members attend meetings of the new board
      3. clarification of the job of the secretary general of a school (watches the interests of his/her school, contributes to the work of the whole board); who should elect the SG of a school?
      4. motivation of board members. If some board member is no longer working, suggest him/her to leave and get a replacement.
        1. How do the GSA entities represent themselves, make themselves visible? Social events, fight for the interests of students, etc. Tell that to new board members!
    4. work group is also working on...
      1. by-law on accountability of board members
      2. by-law about continuity of decisions
      3. Attention: by-laws probably are too restrictive; probably these things should be implemented as guidelines instead.
      4. Also remember the "guidelines for working" (in the internal space)
  3. The University Fee
    1. history: Darya (treasurer, our CoF member) not informed about CoF meeting in May where "university fee" had not been decided upon; "university fee" publicly announced by admin; withdrawn again because of resistance.
    2. Current status: No overall "university fee", but admin still wants an all-inclusive graduation fee.
    3. next meeting of the committee of finance has to decide that. Date to be announced. Don't have a treasurer any more. Need more than one GSA participant there.
    4. We don't want an all-inclusive graduation fee, as many graduates are not able to participate in the graduation ceremony.
  4. On campus accommodation problems
    1. room shortage in 2007, graduates rejected in order to offer rooms to undergraduates
    2. Ardita drafted a letter of complaint to - who? President Treusch, AC?
    3. argue that we do want to be integrated into campus life
    4. What's the purpose of the letter? Criticize bad management of the issue, bad flow of information, demand 30 rooms.
    5. Create an agenda for the administration (decision diagram, timeframe). We want 30 incoming graduates on campus; if that does not work, tell us (and the applicants) early, etc.
  5. Excursions- progress
    1. Neuwerk (Chunli): fantastic, 34 participants
    2. Mascha Schepers liked this, asked us to do it next time
    3. international dinner/cooking competition November 2, will be sponsored by college masters (for undergrads; already agreed), admin (for grads), Aramark
    4. jury of 4-5 people
  6. GSA and Olimpix (September 29th)
    1. what color should our t-shirts have?
    2. need more people/substitutes. Michael Sanguineti wants to coordinate building up a team - for the "serious" (i.e. competitive) games. Who else wants to help with organizing? - Send a mail.
    3. Michael: GSA should fight against "less competitive events" (i.e. fun games)
    4. Ştefan organized the Olimpix in 2005. His opinion: fun games were more exciting. Shouldn't be too competitive.
    5. Who will be on the GSA team? There used to be a call for teams.
    6. Ştefan: teams for the fun games are assembled during the Olimpix, not organized beforehand.
  7. Finances until the election takes place- who?
    1. What's left to do?
    2. Get budget for next general assembly from Sigrid (Christoph)
    3. Nothing else - unless we receive any funding applications in the meantime.
    4. Yuliya: Marcella has worked out financial policies and guidelines.
    5. Need somebody to instruct the new treasurer.
  8. Student court integration
    1. get current status of code of conduct from undergraduate court
    2. Yuliya: graduates don't need a judge, just a representative. The GSA board can do that. (After all, the student court also acts as a mediator.)
    3. Idea: If there is a conflict between an undergrad and a grad, we offer the undergraduate court to send the affected grad to us.
    4. prepare pros/cons until the GA.
  9. Miscellaneous
    1. need nominations for ...
      1. SG SHSS
      2. SG SES
      3. treasurer
      4. activity coordinator
    2. as well as substitutes for
      1. SG
      2. SG JCLL
    3. short letter of motivation, of letter of recommendation. If a nominated person accepts a nomination, (s)he needs to write a short letter of motivation
  10. Other To dos
    1. get transponder locks installed in the lounge
    2. several small acquisitions


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