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  • Meeting 2008 October 7
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  • Time: 19:00
  • Location: Research 2


This is the final version of the agenda, including topics/motions added just before or at the beginning of the meeting. The version that was announced three days before the meeting can be found in the


  1. Report by current members: general, activities, finances
  2. Open discussion with the theme of community building
  3. Elections for open positions


GSA Board Members:

  • Magda, Michelle, Dany, Holly, Stefan, Marco

GSA Members:

  • 19-25 members

Guests (list of full names with their school affiliation; if they are representatives of clubs or committees such information is registered as well)

  • Dr. Larissa Kuehler of CAIA

Minutes taken by: Magdalena


(in the order of the agenda)

Report by current members: general, activities, finances
PowerPoint Presentation can be found here.

Open discussion with the theme of community building

  • Liability insurance: could the administration force us to take this insurance? GSA will investigate.
  • Graduate Housing Coordinator could also be advisor to knew students.
  • Early contact is needed to pull new students in. Contacting students arriving late is also important.
  • more night events, i.e. movie nights

Elections for open positions (winner in bold)

Substitute SES Secretary General

Fulya Horozal - 27
Andreea Scacioc - 17

Substitute SHSS Secretary General

Pablo Garces - 20
Gulbahar Abdurasulova - 18

Substitute Secretary

Zeynepp Karakass - 23
James Hollway - 14

Official Decisions: none



Votes (Yes/No/Abst.)

Justification (Charta)










Although attendance was low, perhaps because of a prominent lecturer on campus, the discussion was full and elections were successful. Members responded well to the report of the current board members, approving the budget and recent spending. The open discussion focused on how to pull graduates early into the community and how to get them more involved throughout his or her career at Jacobs. Students should be made aware of the student government earlier, perhaps with a flyer in the welcome packet or even a line in the acceptance letter. Those arriving later in the year should be contacted. The new position of Graduate Housing Coordinator could be in charge of new students. Programs should also be encouraged to elect representatives to the Council. There is still the issue of how to get current members more involved - more diverse social and academic activities were asked for. Elections were successful, adding three more Board members.

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