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  • Meeting 2009 September 9
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  • Time: 19:00
  • Location: GSA Lounge


This is the final version of the agenda, including topics/motions added just before or at the beginning of the meeting.

  1. Funding Applications: MAIR 2009 Welcome Party
  2. Elections
  3. Call for open positions
  4. O-Week 2009 Feedback
  5. Project updates
  6. Website updates
  7. Lounge equipment: beamer, Board board
  8. Meal Plan discussion
  9. President's Award for Community Involvement


GSA Board Members:

  • Pablo, Zhenya, Fulya, Magda

GSA Council Members:

Guests (list of full names with their school affiliation; if they are representatives of clubs or committees such information is registered as well)

  • Daniela Marinas (MAIR 2nd year)

Minutes taken by: *Magda*


(in the order of the agenda)

Funding Applications: MAIR 2009 Welcome Party

€200 for drinks (alcohol policy disclaimer was made), closed party - €4 per person; full amount approved

  • Magda and Zhenya will resign before elections
  • Elections: online only and an assembly for candidates to speak
  • September 17: call for nominations
  • Nominations due September 23
  • Accept nominations until September 27
  • September 30 Assembly, candidates speak before assembly
  • October 1, ballots due
  • Pablo and Fulya in charge?
Call for open positions
  • do the call immediate positions now by Magda
  • think of alternate advertising strategies: more posters
O-Week 2009 Feedback
  • Magda to do a report for CAIA
Project updates
  • T-shirts before the assembly
  • Felcia: will do the financial policies by the end of the Sept.
  • Fulya and Magda: Honor Code end of September
  • Pablo: Charta restructuring will continue in the Fall
Website Updates
  • everyone should continue to update the pages especially the parts for incoming students
Lounge Equipment
  • no updates
Meal Plan discussion
  • Fulya initiate a meeting to discuss a graduate meal plan in the Food Committee and then take a proposal to the Academic Council
  • undergraduate plan was approved but no decision was made for graduates
  • propose a trial period
President's Award for Community Involvement
  • do the call immediately
  • extend meetings to include project discussions
  • paying for participation fees
  • a second coffee break needs to be added; Magda to call for volunteers


Official Decisions



Votes (Yes/No/Abst.)

Justification (Charta)



















Ongoings after this meeting

Next Meeting

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1 Comment

  1. Dear all,

    Even though I am not in the GSA anymore as I have graduated, I will attend a few more meetings in order to finish up (or guide someone to finish) the projects that I started last semester. Unfortunately, I can't attend tomorrow as I am out of Germany until the end of the week. Therefore, to the points that I am concerned with:

    • Elections: we can only have elections for the missing positions. Until we change the charta, we will not be able to host general elections for the whole board. The changing per se will take time to write the draft (see Pablo) + at least 2 weeks of advertising & getting the community to vote (my estimation).
    • Project Updates: please keep me in the loop for the project planning, as I want to contribute.
    • Lounge Equipment: no update