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  • November 26, 2009
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Meeting, on Nov. 26, 2009 from 13.00 to 14.00 at GSA Lounge.

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Meeting Participants

Fulya, Rafael, Marion, Ankur, Rose, Ksenia, Sneza, Ina







Old Protocols

(plus) Protocol of THISMEETING approved.
(minus) Protocol of THISMEETING not approved, due to REASON.


Usage Note (DELETE THIS!)

The idea is not to separate the Agenda from the Minutes. Instead, in preparation of the meeting, this templace can be used to fill out the headers forming the Agenda. Then, that Agenda can be filled with the content of the discussion to form the Minutes.

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Voting of Internal Honor Code (5 min)

The final document has been revised by all the GSA EB.
There is the issue with absences. There will be absences, sickness, etc. These will be justified absences. 4 absences per academic vote is permitted.
“Peer Review” instrument: it is fine how it is written. After 3 absences without notice, there will be a peer review of the person, not an automatic expulsion from the Board.
It will still be revised, the wording, etc. and afterwards it will be voted. The Board will comment on confluence.
It should be added that each new Board should decide from the beginning how they want their Internal Honor Code to work.
After it is passed, the Secretary will keep track of the absences.
It will be voted online by next week.

Decision on Fall Games funding application (10 min)

After false information was repeatedly presented (it was presented late, the numbers of Graduate participants, etc.), the GSA EB decided not to fund the event at all. The Board will send them a letter explaining the decision. (Sneza should send the Email officially)

Graduate On-Campues housing (10 min)

An Email will be sent to Graduates to ask what their concerns regarding on-campus housing are. We need input. Without this, it cannot be brought up on the meeting of the CoF on Dec. 2nd. This topic has rejected some 3 times before because the proposal was not complete.

Funding guidelines (5 min)

Applications should not be late. There could be exceptions for some late applications, depending on their reasons and importance. Per meeting a max. of 2-3 applications will be considered. There will be an extra meeting for this topic.

Pulse of the World Proposal (10 min)

Two members of the Pulse attended. The GSA EB proposes to increase the Graduate participation in the newspaper. We would like to come to an agreement among both bodies. There should be more communication to Grads to participate and let them know about the Pulse. Some Graduates want to start a Newsletter on their own. We will give them the lists of Grads. Maybe also have something that concerns the Graduates (topics of interest for Graduates). The GSA EB suggests to introduce the Pulse to all Grads and to invite them to write there.
The Pulse agrees with all the points. They want more Grads to write and participate. And also to attend to the meetings. Communicate it as something for everyone and get involved. Some articles apply to everyone. They also have to take the Undergrads into account. They have 5 members on the Executive Board. An invitation is sent at the beginning of every year to join the Pulse Executive Board. Articles can be sent without going to the meetings. They will send an Email inviting Grads to participate in the Pulse. Topic suggestions can also be sent and maybe someone can do research on it and write and article.

Students' complaints (5 min)

The case of Michelle Cosier. She was contacted by Marion and she seems pleased already. She is writing her Thesis. She has a new complaint: why does she have to submit 4 hard-copies of her Thesis? The Board thinks that this is the standard procedure.

Miscellaneous (5 min)

Club Membership Fees document was accepted by the whole Board. And was sent to Larissa. She will send us the final document and it will then be sent to the Graduate community to announce it. This policy will begin next semester. Not all clubs will be subject to the fees. The club leaders will tell the club members at the end of this semester about this. Maximum 20 clubs will be under this situation.
Meeting with the CSC last week: Ina, Marion, Rafael and Fulya attended this meeting. The invitation from the Administration was to discuss a survey among the Grads to see professional opportunities for the students. The content of the survey was not discussed. But there was no moderation in the meeting. The Vice President brought up the question whether we actually need a survey. The CSC people said that the Grads do not really demand issues from the CSC. Structure was missing. The GSA EB was invited and could not really see a purpose of it. Decided to have a survey about what Grads would like to do in the future (Academia, Private companies, etc.). By 15 of January the GSA EB will come up with a draft version of the survey.
For the Entrepreneurship issue, it will be advertised among the Grads and participation will be asked from the Grads and some of them will be chosen to participate. An Email will be sent to the Graduates to inform them. Further information will be given later. The GSA EB met the Wirtschaftsjunioren in the Chamber of Commerce in Bremen. They seem to be interested in working with Jacobs students. This is why we also need a survey. They want to get the results in February to discuss further steps. Dissatisfaction of the GSA Board that it was not appropriately informed (no agenda points) from the Administration about what the meeting was going to be about. A feedback will be sent.
Constitution: According to a Professor at Jacobs and the general interpretation of the old Charta, it could already be passed with the amount of positive votes. There is no big objection to the new Constitution (only 1 or 2 people voted “No”).
There is no objection among the Board to approve the Constitution. From this point, there is a new Constitution of the GSA. An announcement will be sent to the Graduate community after the final document is revised (orthographically). Some by-laws are missing.
We could ask the Administration to upload the document on the University website.
In the first week of February, the elections campaign will begin for the new Board.
AC Meeting agenda points: Agenda points should be submitted by 1st December. Also submit a paragraph on each topic to inform previously the AC. We also have to meet with the USG before the meeting. Marion is working on a draft for the Program Representatives issue. Research facilities issue: Fulya has sent an Email to Grads to see what the problems in the research centers are. Some students have many complaints on this issue. Issue of Graduation. There is one member but they need more members. We will try to find Graduates.
GSA projects: The printer issue is almost resolved. Related with the campus cards. It will be resolved around July 2010. Ankur is taking care of this.
Events: party downtown: Ina contacted Stubu and they seem happy to give it for use of Jacobs students. Almost for free (with a guarantee that people will show up and that will drink). Undergraduates cannot discuss this issue this week, but next one. The USG already have a party. But the GSA EB should do something this semester and it would be for the whole Jacobs community. Jacobs students should have free entrance with their student ID. It would be on the 4th December in Stubu. The GSA EB has to begin with the PR.












Next Meeting

December 3rd, 2009.

The next meeting will take place on DATE from BEGIN to END at VENUE.

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  1. Hey EB, it would be a good idea to send the 'results' of the General Assembly to the community for those who were absent or at least thank those who attended. I'm glad it was a success!


  2. thats a good idea. We shall act on it soon. (smile) . Basic information for you :

    • Attendance : ~120-150 graduates
    • Administration : President, VP, Deans and Some Admin
    • Special highlights : Most graduate students gave a positive highlight of the assembly
    • Decisions: For big semester wide projects we intend to do similar PR for the assembly as this time.


  3. we need to address the Christmas market application as well!the budget breakdown was sent to us yesterday.

  4. Anonymous

    I would like to add 5 min for the ongoing preparation of the AC meeting and also short report on the CSC and Wirtschaftsjunioren meeting