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  • November 5, 2009
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GSA Meeting, on November 5, 2009 from 13.00 to 14.00 at GSA Lounge.

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Constitution (10 min)

We will discuss this topics in the meeting before Nov. 11, 2009.

Topics for Graduate Students’ Assembly with President (10 min)

The President usually presents what has been going on in years before. Development of Research Centers, etc.
• We want to have room for open questions from the students.

  • Presentation of the Constitution (Ankur has the information).
  • Our questions: how to breach the gap (Graduates-Undergraduates), why Masters stipends have been reduced, etc., lack of adequate Graduate support, Master stipends have been drastically reduced.. why?
  • Proposed Agenda (still has to be discussed):

o Welcome by GSA EB (5 min)
o GSA Board Presentation and Introduction of New Constitution plus voting system (10 min)
o President's Presentation on University Development (15 min)
o Question Answer for preselected questions (10 min)
o Open Question Answer (10 min)
o GSA Projects Discussion (10 min)
o 15,000 euro funds
o Complaints and problems within the Grad Community

The EB will send official invitations for old Board members, volunteers, etc. Ksenia (and someone else wants fo?) will send individual emails (to Programs, etc.)
The EB will make appealing posters, announcing the Assembly – Rose

How the meetings and projects will be divided (5 min)

Specific meetings should already be assigned. Spontaneous meetings can be assigned at the moment.
Example: CoF: 2 persons (Sneza and Ina). There are three Undergraduates.
Topics should be split between the GSA EB members to discuss at the meetings.
Ina: list of the Committees, etc. will be put up on the confluence and everyone will choose events to assist.

Pulse of the World and Graduate students' participation (10 min)

Rafael’s proposal: There is no Graduate student in the PotW. It is funded by Undergraduates. They emailed Rafael.
Rafael’s Proposal: to have a position for Graduate students at the Executive Board of the PotW.
EB: Everyone can submit articles (Graduate or Undergraduate) and they will be published. Everyone is allowed. There is no “Executive Board” and no representatives of students. It is only people who meet and want to write monthly reports about something. If a Graduate wanted to do this, he is of course allowed to do this.
Rafael: A Graduate student should be permanently in the PotW. (But there is no such thing). He knows a Graduate student who wants to do this.
Rafael will send an email with his proposal.

Response to Yuliya: Rafael did not mean to answer to the whole community, instead of discussing first in the EB.
Ksenia will send an email to her and the list that was involved with an official apology (first to the EB).

Discussion on Internal Honor Code (10 min)

It will be passed as a by-law after the Constitution has been approved.
We should all comment on the Honor Code, because there are many wording issues. Magda can also give opinion/recommendations about this.

Students' complaints (5 min)

No students' complaints at the moment.

Miscellaneous (5 min)

  • GSA Website selections (5 mins)
    We should vote on the candidate. Ankur wrote his recommendation.
    Two chosen applicants: Emanuel and Alex. Ankur’s recommendation: Emanuel. They all have good experience.
    We will tell Ankur to tell Emanuel that he has been chosen.
    Contact Campus Jobs – Ankur
  • IRC Meeting:
    There will be a new printer connected to the computer/scanner, as soon as possible. In the next two weeks. Marion will give the feedback on the meeting to the EB and to the Graduate students.
  • J-Capella funding application:
    Martin presented his application. They have done this before and need the money for the rehearsal. They do not expect to have the whole sum applied for, but maybe a part of it (like the last EB). CAIA is giving them 510 EUR (from the Undergrads).
    Sum asked for: 205 EUR.
    They also applied for money from the USG.
    EB: how many Grads? 8 students (one third of all the members). We do not fund student trips. So, what part would we be funding? What they apply for is a club event, and not a general concert, etc. which would be a community event. Other clubs would start asking for this kind of applications. Could they apply to the DAAD? They already do. They could do it in Jacobs, to cut the spending of the hotel, etc. If they have so many events, the GSA cannot fund all of their applications every year. There are also other groups and clubs. The University should be funding this kind of events more.

Martin: they split the bill for the singing instructor, half of it could be paid for by the GSA. The instructor costs 510 EUR. They want to improve the team building, by doing the event outside of Jacobs. There has to be a feeling of mutual trust, thus they have to get out of campus. They want to get more funding from outside. They also want to get a higher quality and have a more international repertoire (mid and long term outlook).

EB thinks: it is a preparation event, they have good and important reasons, but the GSA cannot fund closed weekend events. It is not an open concert.
Decision: not accepted.











Next Meeting

The next meeting will take place on November 12, 2009 from 13.00 to 14.00 at GSA Lounge.

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  1. Also on agenda (i posted them in another page a week ago)

    • DAAD Stipend for Coffee Breaks (2-3 minutes)
    • GSA Website selections (5 mins)
  2. Anonymous

    Nice. The meeting looks rather constructive. Glad that all of this was finally decided or concluded on. For invitations for the assembly, we shall send personalized invitation per student to their email. I will make the email and send around and then later we can send the email from (like we get emails from


  3. Anonymous

    Great Ankur, thanks!

  4. Anonymous

    Discussion on Internal Honor Code (10 min)

    It will be passed as a by-law after the Constitution has been approved.
    We should all comment on the Honor Code, because there are many wording issues. Magda can also give opinion/recommendations about this.

    Guys, from the meeting, I made it clear, that we should pass the constitution, but not together with the honor code, because we need to discuss it before we pass it.

    It was proposed that we make some amendments to the honor code. we need to discuss the honor code just like we have done with the constitution.

    take care.

    1. Anonymous

      adding to the comment above....

      I have pointed out at least one issue on every single point of the Honor Code.

      I hereby propose that we either make some amendments to the honor code, or do not pass it with the constitution.

      We definitely need to discuss the honor code just like we have done with the constitution.