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Sneza is a second year in the MSc Communications, Systems and Electronics program

From: Snezana Jovanoska
Date: Wed, 30 Sep 2009 15:53:25 +0200
To: Graduate SES post <>, Graduate Student Post <>, Graduate JCLL Post <>
Subject: Re: shss-graduates Treasurer Candidate : Snezana Jovanoska

Dear Graduates,

With this email i would like to present my candidacy as a Treasurer substitute for the new GSA board.

As a representative of the graduate students I would first like to enhance the transparency in what actually the GSA board does, and how you, as a graduate student can benefit from it.

The GSA funds many events on and off campus. Some are for graduate students only, and some are mixed events for all Jacobs students. All these events should be known to all graduate students, and everyone should have a chance to participate in them. For mixed events, the contributions of the GSA should be recognized. The graduate students should not be discriminated and further distanced from the rest of the Jacobs community. For example, last year's spotlight event was supported with funds from the GSA among others. However, graduate students had to pay higher entrance fee as compared to undergraduates. If I am given the chance to be part of the GSA board, I will attempt to make sure that similar things don't happen.

As member of the board I will try to make it clear to all students how they can apply for funds, what kind of events can be funded by the GSA and improve the whole process with the input of all students.


Snezana Jovanoska

P.S The General Assembly is in 3 hours in Research 3 lecture hall!

Snezana Jovanoska
MSc Communications, Systems and Electronics
School of Engineering and Science
Jacobs University Bremen, Bremen, Germany

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