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The team

The team is divided into three categories: Editors, Writers and Illustrators. 


Take the commitment to review the incoming articles for their section, as well as to find people (not necessarily among writers) to contribute and to brainstorm topics.

People: Freude, Benedikt Letso



Take the commitment to regularly write for the newspaper and come to decisional meetings. A sufficiently big pool of writers will be established to have at least one article/section in each issue.

People: Schulte, Mai-Brit, Cavender, Cheyenne Jade ,Dakkuri, Joud Amin, Balaj, Flutura Ravnanger, Ingrid Oyvindsdatter, Blloshmi, Denida 



Take the commitment to produce and/or give illustrations related to the issue`s articles.

Abacioglu, Bengusu Hazal

Mizrak, Roza Sürme


  1. Jacobian`s Call: 
    1. The witty articles shining light upon Jacobs students life,
    2.  e.g. "A tell-all of a BCCB Major"

  2. The Jacobs Backbone (Journalism section):

    1. Interviews with people on campus, coordinate with the Humans of Jacobs team to have their articles published in the Newspaper as well
    2. e.g. "What awaits Jacobians?"

  3. Outside the Bubble: 
    1. Articles that are not necessarily campus related
    2. e.g. "Peterson Interview"

  4. Art Section: 
    1. Any art related contributions: poems,short-stories, etc. 
    2. e.g. "The monsters inside us"

  5. Faculty Voice:  
    1. Contributions from Faculty, our academic parents.
    2. e.g.: "A gravitating interview"

  6. Alumni Chapter: 
    1. The stories of our pioneers: received from Alumni Board, Career Services or individual Alumni.
    2. e.g.:

  7. Late Schönebecker
    1. Upcoming and past events, advertisements.
    2. e.g. JSC, TEDx articles


Occurrence: at least monthly/hopefully bi-weekly

Name: The Duck Post, The Jazette, The Pulse

Description: The Student Newspaper is open to all types of articles coming from the Jacobs Community members.

Ideally, the articles should be about something related to Jacobs that one cannot find somewhere else (e.g. official newsletters). Hence, preference will be given to this type of articles.

After submission, the Editorial Team will decide on whether to send back the article for significant changes or to slightly edit the content. 



Distribution of printouts

  1. College Serveries - 5 copies each
  2. College Offices - 1 copy each
  3. The Friseur - 10 copies
  4. The Coffee Bar - 5 copies
  5. The IRC / Library - 5 copies
  6. The Research Buildings: 5 copies/building
  7. RLH - 7 copies




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