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Jacobs University initiated the next phase of its university strategic exercise in the beginning of 2020, where the focus will be on the future academic strategic positioning of Jacobs University. The exercise will be principally driven through four task teams which have been established around four key thematic domains: Academic focus and research, Educational model, Development and innovation, Operational management.


(to be uploaded)
Strategic Advisory CommitteePresident Antonio Loprienoconsists of key external stakeholders to comment on the output of the process
Strategic Working GroupProvost Thomas Auf der Heydebuilds the interface between the task teams, and coordinates the process as a whole. Prof Thomas Auf der Heyde, and will report directly to Antonio Loprieno as President.

#1Task team Academic focus and research

Dean Werner Nau

here the purpose is to identify a limited number of knowledge domains in which the university especially wishes to profile itself vis a vis the external environment.

Draft TT report



Task team Educational model

Dean Arvid Kappashere the focus is on reflecting on our current programme suite, pedagogic model, and our methods of quality assurance to maximise their internal rigour and coherence, and alignment with the strategic thematic priorities.

Draft TT report


#3Task team Development and innovationProf Joachim Vogtthe focus of this working group would be on identifying opportunities for new business development as they reside principally in the academic core business of the university.

Draft TT report


#4Task team Operational managementAndrea Herzig-Erlerhere the focus is on optimising non-academic operations in support of the academic (core) business of the university and enhanced efficiencies (this domain has largely already been the subject of strategic and business planning previously)

Draft TT report


Consultation Meetings with Staff and Students

Consultation meetings ("town hall meetings") are planned for 12th May 2020 at the following times, online on Teams. Registration links will be added shortly. 

10:00 - 11:30 am Staff 
1:30 - 3:00 pm Students 
3:30 - 5:00 pm Staff 

Please register here.  

To keep the online meetings manageable, we are restricting them to 50 participants each. Should you not be able to attend, please use the padlet to provide feedback. 

Your feedback 

Links to padlets for you to provide feedback ahead of and apart from the consultation meetings will be added on 08/05/2020. 



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