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To start your exploration:

  • First, look at the pages of Career Services (Jacobs University) and the many offers for seminars and advice that they have.
  • Then look at our pages here, which contain additional information for life sciences students.

Resources for all situations:

Internship Resources:

Graduate School Resources:

Medical School Resources:

  • I'm not up to date with the medical school admissions policies anymore. Thus, I cannot guarantee for any of the content in this section, which was written 10 years ago. 
  • If you would like to help me update this part of the website, let me know. 
  • A PDF document with the most important information, from the BCCB major website. Slightly outdated.
  • Medical School as a Career Option: a more comprehensive version of the same document. Currently under construction.
  • Practice MCATs

PhD Resources:

Job databases:

On Science as a Career:

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