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Going to medical school after Jacobs University 

  • A number of BCCB students have moved on to medical school after Jacobs University, but not many (maybe 1%). I remember Nina Schulze-Solce, Jaksa Knez, Michael Opoku-Darko, Maeve Trudeau, Irena Beerova.  
  • Most frequently, BCCB graduates have gone back to their home country to study medicine. Probably, by experience, it is easiest for people to become admitted into medicine in their home country. 
  • Another option was for BCCB graduates to apply to postgraduate medical school in the UK (as opposed to undergraduate medical school, both models exist there). There were a few successful cases, but postgraduate medical school in the UK is expensive. 
  • Another option for BCCB graduates was that they could, in theory, learn German and apply for admission as a foreigner to a German medical school. There were a few successful cases. But German medical school is an undergraduate medical school, and because of the very strict course transfer rules, you will save no more than one year of medical school on your full Jacobs BCCB degree. Also, your German has to be absolutely flawless. Advantage: it's free (smile). There was an undergraduate program at Jacobs called MedNat that had exactly this purpose - preparing foreign English-speaking students for applying to German medical schools - but the program was not successful (because people did not understand how good it was?) and now it is paused. 
  • Many students ask me whether a Jacobs BCCB degree works for admission to medical school in the US. In reality, most (all?) US medical schools require non-US citizens to have done their first degree in the state where the medical school is located, or at least in the US (depending on the university). Jacobs does not count as the US, and I am not aware of a single case where admission to US medical school after Jacobs has worked for a non-US citizen. But who knows, maybe there is a medical school somewhere that will make it possible.  
  • There is a lot of medical schools in the Caribbean, mostly for US graduates. No-one from Jacobs has applied there for my knowledge. 
  • There are English- or German-language medical schools in Sofia (Bulgaria) and in Prague (Czech republic). I do not know of non-Czech or -Bulgarian Jacobs graduates applying there, but many undergrads from German universities do. 

More detailed resources from the old times

  • I'm not up to date with the medical school admissions policies anymore. Thus, I cannot guarantee for any of the content in this section, which was written 10 years ago. 
  • If you would like to help me update this part of the website, let me know. 
  • From 2005, when Jacobs was still called IUB: A PDF document with the most important information, from the BCCB major website. Probably outdated.
  • From 2008: we tried to collect the information in a set of Teamwork pages called Medical School as a Career Option. This was not completed.
  • Practice MCATs.
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