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Admissions Procedure to Medical Schools in Germany

In Germany, there is a central admissions system similar to AMCAS and UCAS. You apply to the medical school of your choice through the "Zentralstelle für die Vergabe von Studienplätzen" (ZVS). You fill out a single form with your top three choices of medical schools in Germany. Along with your grades, you send you application form to the ZVS before a certain due date (this date changes every year and you will have to visit the website for more information). Within a few weeks, the ZVS will notify you of their decision.

Even if you are not a German resident and did not do the German "Abitur," you can still apply through the ZVS. This is because Jacobs University is a German recognized institution and therefore, upon acceptance to Jacobs University, you now qualify as a German student.

In order to be able to study medicine in Germany, your grade point average (GPA) needs to be above a certain level which depends on the year in which you apply, and you specific situation.

For more information about the rules and the procedures of the ZVS, please visit their website:

Prior Academic Requirements and Prior Medical Experience

Since they will not transfer credits from any of the courses taken at Jacobs, German medical schools will need no proof on paper concerning which courses you have taken prior to medical school or which medical experience you may have already had.

Language requirements

You will need to be demonstrably fluent in German to be admitted to a German medical school, and you may have to show a test certificate. There are no English-language medicine courses in Germany.

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