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Use this page to upload any pictures that you took during math society events! See instructions on the sidebar to add the images.


  1. Get into "Edit" mode by clicking "Edit"
  2. Insert a new section at the relevant place. First click on the semester name, click on the "page layout" icon, then click "Add section" .
  3. Add a title
  4. Drag-and-drop pictures
  5. Click "Publish"

Spring 2020

2020-03-14 Pi Day Get Together

Fall 2019

2019-12-27 The "Christmas" Lecture

2019-11-10 Origami Night

2019-10-20 Integration Bee

2019-09-22 Math Bingo

Spring 2019

2019-05-10 Stem Slam

2019-04-13 Math + Physics Dinner

2019-03-29 Math Society Trefoil Origami

2019-03-22 Math Yearbook Picture

Spring 2018

2018-03-14 Pi-Day celebration

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