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This page lists all the talks, events, and other events that have been planned by the math society.

Editing guidelines

Talks listed on the table should be sorted in descending order (i.e., newer items appear first) and filed under the respective semester. If you notice that an edit broke the order, please consider fixing it.

Talks and Workshops

This page lists the talks and workshops that have been organized by the math society. Sometimes we also link to external talks / events that are open to math society members. Usually such talks should be highlighted and hyperlinked to the original source. Abstracts and notes of all "internal" math society talks (when available / provided by the speaker) have been compiled on a public repository on Gitlab. Please email Pal, Abhik to obtain write access.

General Events

Talk titleSpeaker / organizerCoordinates
Spring 2020
The Erdös-Rado TheoremStock, BenediktTBD
Finite Soldiers on Infinite DesertsPal, AbhikTBD
Primes, Coffee Mugs and DoughnutsMar 01, 2020. 17:00. Seminar Room, Research 1
Fall 2019

The "Christmas" Lecture (Physics Society)


Santa D. Claus (North pole)

Dec 27, 2019. 20:00

Nord MMR.

The "Wisdom" Lecture

Huckleberry, Alan (guest speaker)

Dec. 4, 2019. 19:00

Resnikoff Math Lounge, Research 1

[TBD]Jaeger, Herbert (guest speaker)≈ Nov.
Differential and Complex Geometry: Origins, Abstractions and Embeddings

Wells, Raymond O. (guest speaker)

 Oct. 1, 2019. 19:15

Resnikoff Math Lounge, Research 1

Introduction to SageMath (workshop)


Pal, Abhik

Sep. 29, 2019. 17:00

Lecture Hall, Research 1

Introduction to LaTeX (workshop) (Physics Society)Sep 07, 2019.

Spring 2019

Braids, Knots, and Group TheoryPal, AbhikMar. 22, 2019
Envy free divisionsMar. 02, 2019
Introduction to LaTeX (workshop)Pal, AbhikFeb. 16, 2019
Fall 2018
The mathematics of general relativityDec. 09, 2018
p-adic numbers and few aspects of the work of Peter ScholzeDec. 02, 2018

Banach-Tarski Paradox

Nov. 03, 2018
Voting systems and Arrow's impossibility theoremRothgang, Colin MathiasOct. 20, 2018
Ordinal numbers and transfinite inductionDevkota, PrabhatSep. 16, 2018
Spring 2018
Gödel's Incompleteness TheoremsStock, BenediktMay 13, 2018

Spring 2020
Math + Physics Pie Day Get Together

Mar 14, 2020. 21:00
Math Lounge
Math + Physics Pie BakingMar 14, 2020. 19:00
Nord Kitchen NB345. College 3 D3 Kitchen
Math vs Physics Annual Frisbee MatchMar 14, 2020. 14:00
Campus Green
Story of Maths (Episode 4) ScreeningFeb 22, 2020. 20:00
Krupp MMR
Math Department Get togetherPetrat, Sören

Feb 18, 2020. 18:00
Resnikoff Math Lounge, Research 1

Fall 2019
Math Society Makes Pancakes 2.0Oprea, Maria Antonia

Nov 12, 2019. 21:00

C3 college Office.

Scrap paper origami


Nov 9, 2019. 19:15

Mercator servery

Integration Bee (Math vs. Physics)

Resources | Photos

Oct 20, 2019. 16:00

Lecture Hall, Research 1

Math Society Makes Pancakes

Oct. 08, 2019. 21:00

C3 College Office.

Math Department Get togetherPetrat, Sören

Oct. 07, 2019. 18:00

Resnikoff Math Lounge, Research 1

Movie Screening: π

Wikipedia / IMDb

Pal, Abhik

Oct. 05, 2019. 19:00

Krupp MMR

Math Bingo

Resources | Photos

Sep. 22, 2019. 20:00.

Mercator MMR

Math dinner

Sep. 17, 2019. 19:00.

Mercator Servery.

Math ∪ Physics Society Frisbee match

Sep. 08, 2019. 16:00.

Campus Green.

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