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Dear members of the physics society,

We have finally reached the end of the semester. Perhaps now is the time to look back and think what we have done right and what could have been done better.

Below are some questions that are only there to give you some ideas on what to write. Feel free to address them directly or to not address them at all. Please take a moment to comment below with some feedback so that things may be improved/fixed for next year.

Regarding the setting:

  • Do you find the meeting environment comfortable?
  • Too serious? Could be more relaxed?
  • Do you like the locations of the meetings? (Research Hall III Lecture Hall and Seminar Rooms?)
  • Or do you think meetings should be in a more informal place (e.g: MMR, Lounge?)
  • Has the time for meetings 7:15 Saturdays been appropriate?
  • Is having one meeting every week alright?
  • Or should meetings be done biweekly?

Regarding the talks:

  • The weekly talk routine?
  • Do you enjoy the presentations?
  • Have the topics been too difficult?
  • Or too easy?
  • Or off topic?
  • Have the presenters been good enough?
  • What about the duration of the talks? (capped at two hours)

  • Too long?

  • Or too short?

  • Do you feel the time limit is often violated?

  • Should we invite professors to present more often?

  • As a presenter, did you enjoy presenting?

Regarding the mailing List:

  • Has the mailing list been used appropriately?
  • Abused?
  • Should it be used more sparingly?
  • Or more often?
  • Would you be interested if the list would be used to share physics-related happenings, news..etc?

Regarding activities:

  • Do you think we should have more activities?
  • More game nights?
  • More movie nights?
  • More competitions?
  • More excursions?
  • Projects?
  • Quizzes? Different events?
  • Activities where everybody is directly active?

Open ended:

  • What different would you like to see in the future?
  • If you attended at some point and then stopped attending, what was the reason you stopped?
  • What would you have appreciated more of that would have made you attend more often?
  • What do you dislike the most about the physics society?
  • What do you value the most about the physics society?


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