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March 21

The corona pandemic did not stop us from having a physics society meeting. Behold: Online Physics Mafia.


The measurement Predicament

by Aiman Al-Eryani
Former physics society member -and President- helps the new year start in the best possible way by blessing us with the gift of knowledge.

Physics Christmas Night (27th Dec, 2019)

by Santa. D. Claus

Intergalacting screening:

Physics society members gathered to watch Luke Skywalker defy physics laws

Solving interesting problems in even more interesting ways:

by Fahrudin Delic
Life changing talk where we learned what would happen to earth's angular velocity if the British started driving on the right side of the road.


Blackboards got heated when Physics society faced Math society in a marvelous display of computation abilities. 

Thinking about relativity:

By Deepak Aryal.
Exploring what an observed would feel and see when traveling at relativist speeds. 

Physics Quiz night:

Physics-society members showing their competitive spirit when competing in teams to become the kahoot Kings/Queens


How to write your first lab report in latex:

by Bibek Bhujel
Enlightening talk where the attendees realized there is more in this world than Word.


Romance of Black Holes and Time Travel

By our beloved dictator Aima Al-Eryani 

The General Relativity Marathon:

GR Marathon graduation ceremony for Siva (on the left), after attending all its 20 sessions and completing the marathon!:

GRM Ceremony.mp4

STEM Slam 2019:

Aiman during his cow-tastic presentation 

The band "PhysiCats" during our STEM Slam 2019 performance:

On stage after claiming #1 award in STEM Slam:




Physics Math Dinner:

A friendly dinner following the Maths vs Physics societies Ultimate Frisbee match:




After the super secret morning practice session for the annual match against the Maths Society

New Physics Shirt: 

Pi(e) day celebration:

And some of the Pis we made (on the right: Pi-Man):

Talk by Prof. Rossi (ft. Tiramisu)

International Astronautical Congress:

University Physics Competition:

Some of the participants on Monday ~ 2 AM, after submission:

Physics Christmas Night (25th December):

Santa Claus comes all the way from the north pole to visit the physics society:

Santa giving a talk at the Physics Society on Penrose Diagrammatic Notation (notes prepared for the talk can be found here):



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