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Dear Physics Society Members,
We are going to have a talk on cosmological constant problem (Vacuum catastrophe) coming Saturday at 19:15. As far as I know, Cosmological constant problem is the biggest disagreement between  experimental observation and theoretical prediction in the whole of Science. History has taught us that Physics thrives on crisis ( UV Catastrophe and birth of QM, failure of ether theory and birth of Relativity), so this ridiculous disagreement might also signal new Physics on the corner which is a good motivation for young physicists. The structure of the talk will be:

  • Character of Physical Laws
  • Brief Introduction to General relativity (Why Einstein called cosmological constant his biggest blunder?)
  • How infinities comes in classical and quantum electrodynamics?
  • Success of Quantum Field theory 
  • Vacuum Energy (Casimir effect and Lamb Shift)
  • Dark energy and return of Cosmological constant
  • Vacuum Catastrophe
  • New Physics in Planckian scale


There are several good references in internet. Most popular one is by S. Weinberg Other good reference might be "QFT in a nutshell by Zee" and "Road to reality by Penrose". 

Instead of using heavy mathematics, we will together try to develop a physical intuition of the situation. If time permits, we can also discuss other interesting open problem in condensed physics like "High Temperature Superconductivity".
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